5 Reasons to Get Started with Personalized Video

6th May 2019
Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe you haven’t, but did you know that there’s such a thing as personalized video? Connecting with your audience on a different level by adapting the flow of the video according to the interest of the viewer, or incorporating personalized messages or images into a video to create a completely unique dynamic video for each viewer may sound like a hassle, but it’s really not. Here are 5 reasons why you should start using personalized video in your digital marketing campaign.

1. Personalize videos and stand out

Video is hot! You know that. But as a digital marketing strategy becomes more accessible and mainstream it gets harder and harder to stand out in the crowd. As viewers receive more videos they tend to ignore more videos. One solution? Get personal!

Using personal information not only makes it easier to connect with the viewer, but it also makes people curious. How will my information be used in this video? People tend to click on video more often when they are triggered by their personal information up front, in a still image for example. Our dynamic video marketing campaigns have shown that personalized videos can generate an open rate of up to 76%!

2. Optimize conversion with modular video

The key to converting through dynamic video is to make the content as relevant as possible. Personalized video can make that a lot easier. Instead of creating a separate video for each target group dynamic video can adapt the scenes in a video to match the interest of the viewer. We call this a modular video. Depending on how many alternative scenes, or building blocks, you make for a video the resulting dynamic video can vary a lot between different viewers. For example, a dynamic video on outdoor clothes can show clothing being used in different activities like running, mountain biking or fishing depending on the hobbies of the viewer.

The more personalized segments are used in the dynamic video, the more relevant the final video will become for the viewer, creating the impression that the video is completely tailor-made for your audience. Our personalized videos have resulted in click-through rates of up to 69%!

3. Increase watch time with personal information

When a video is personalized, the viewer becomes curious about what other aspects of the video will be personalized. Where will he see more of his own information in the video. That kind of curiosity not only makes people more likely to watch the dynamic video in the first place, but they watch the for a lot longer trying to find all the personal aspects.

Our personalized video cases have shown us not only that up to 75% of the viewers watch the videos in their entirety, but also that videos are often watched twice! If that doesn’t get your message across we don’t know what will!

4. Personalized video boosts number of shares

Because a personalized video has a certain wow-factor to it, people are often a lot more excited about their received video. Even so excited that we’ve seen a tremendous increase in sharing of the personalized video content. The amount of shares per personal video can climb up to 5 times for each viewer. That’s a 5 times larger audience that you started out with.

If you enable those viewers to create their own personal video as well, and they share it again that’s a 25 times bigger audience pool than you started out with. A snowball effect is much more likely to occur using a user generated personal video compared to regular video marketing.

5. Personalized video on social media

We have built a dynamic video marketing platform that allows users to generate a personalized video with one click of a button on Facebook, posting the video to their timeline automatically. Instead of posting a video once and allowing people to share it, these videos are individually posted by your audience, creating loads more views.

We’ve seen that a fun and enticing personalized video on our Facebook platform can generate enormous amounts of interaction in a short amount of time. Our Valentine dynamic video case for Samsung generated almost 70 million views in just over a week, along with 5 million likes and 2 million comments. That’s what we call going viral!

Bonus – You can even use existing content!

You may think that personalizing video is a hassle. You are already using video for your digital marketing campaigns and you don’t feel like creating new content again, as that can be a pricey endeavor. Good news! We often use existing content as a foundation for personalized video campaigns. Depending on the content it is often quite easy to insert personal aspects into an existing video. Maybe your video shows a tv – then we can add personalization to that screen. We can show personal pictures on smartphones, add writing to books in your video or plant personal messages on signs. If that’s out of the question, we can easily add a personalized pre-roll outro to your video. You don’t need to start from scratch!
As you can see personalized video does have it’s advantages, and the numbers don’t lie! With the right content you will be able to get a much better return on investment using personalized video. And if you already have video, it’s even easier – just start with personalizing that video content!

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