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Dynamic video advertising

At StoryTEQ we empower brands to be personal and relevant in their online video advertising. Our dynamic video advertising solution helps you to get more out of your online video ad spending. Why make one video for many, if you can make a personal and relevant AD for each individual viewer? We ensure the viewer will see the most relevant version of the video AD.

Personal fingerprintWhy use dynamic video advertising?

We do this because video is becoming the online language, and we believe that making things more relevant will benefit both the customer and our clients.

  • Higher engagement (view time and completed views)
  • Higher conversion (CTR)
  • Adaptable to existing content and campaigns
  • We integrate with your existing infrastructure
  • We supply .mp4 files, usable on every device in every environment

On which channels can it be used:

FACEBOOK– YouTube (through Adwords or DCM) – Open web (through DSP’s)

Personal fingerprintHow does this work?

We match relevant data of the viewer (e.g. from Facebook or DSP data to relevant messages (scenes, text, audio, video etc.) in the video AD. We can take an existing video and ‘adapt’ this by adding dynamic intro & outro’s and overlay’s.

Or, when personalization is taken in to account in the creative process, we can ‘hyper segment video’s by choosing the most relevant scenes based on the data of the viewer.

Personal fingerprintCase study – Age UK Christmas Campaign

94% Increase in intent to donate
+ 190% CTR
Cannes silver media lion in the data driven marketing category

– Some of the results

Age UK aims for optimal care for elderly in Great Britain. Eldery especially feel lonely during the Christmas period. To address this problem, Age UK along with Unruly (a programmatic ad agency) developed a campaign concerning loneliness, with a clear CTA: Donate now!

With the use of dynamic video ads, StoryTEQ managed to turn the original commercial into a personal and relevant commercial by using the location of the viewer. Our software makes it possible to adapt videos based on contextual data on the open web. The intro of the video was personalized by county: the number of lonely elderly in the county of the viewer was automatically shown in the commercial. This way we could serve personal and relevant information based on contextual data. Check here the case.

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