How Boomerang harnesses the power of producing assets at scale with Storyteq

By automatically producing many video and banner variations, Boomerang Agency is able to provide their clients with a steady flow of assets that they can easily adapt to their needs.

Boomerang Agency is a leading creative agency that specializes in connecting brands and people, online and offline. Some of their clients include Heineken, Samsung, Albert Heijn, and more.

As an agency, Boomerang makes memorable and playful content, from social media to TV commercials. The team is obsessed with actualities and the daily news stream on the internet plays a big part in that.

When you’re creating multiple campaigns for your clients every week, asset production and efficiency is crucial.

In any business, there’s a need to keep up with the speed at which the industry moves.

And in an environment of shifting paradigms, a company’s growth often depends on its ability to quickly scale existing workflows.

In addition, companies need to continuously innovate and improve to achieve their objectives.

As a leader in the creative space, Boomerang is an expert at staying one step ahead of the competition. 

What’s more, as a leading creative agency, Boomerang’s creative department is the centerpiece of its brand. Each month, the agency works with top brands around the world to conceptualize and create digital campaigns that attract hundreds of thousands of consumers. 

Boomerang is an agency at the leading edge – both in their creative services and in how they engage with their clients. 

So to take their creativity to the next level, they needed a partner whose ability to innovate and scale matched their own and could help them future-proof their growth.

The challenge

Producing assets at scale to provide their clients with a steady flow of content

Streamlining the creative production process can be the difference between winning and losing a client. 

Increasing effectiveness and expediting that cycle is something that many agencies strive for as their business begins to scale. Advertising agency, Boomerang, is no different. 

The agency’s team spends a considerable amount of time conceptualizing and producing digital campaigns for their clients every month. But when you’re delivering hundreds and thousands of variations of the same asset for the same campaign, efficiency is key. 

Let’s look at it this way – in the traditional way of working, if you had a 10,000€, budget to shoot a video, you’d do the following: shoot the video, produce around 5-10 assets that might end up not performing that well, and then the client would have to pay another 10,000€ if they required another asset.

“If you created the same amount of content in a traditional way, your editor would render the scenes one by one which makes it extremely challenging. With Storyteq, we can render assets for global campaigns in a fast manner.”

Thom Specht, Digital Producer at Boomerang Agency

At Boomerang, digital producers were spending a lot of their time on manually creating versions for the assets created – resizing, changing the formats, adding new messaging, or swapping scenes. This was time that could be spent much more efficiently if the producer could get away from those laborious tasks and focus on the actual creative process instead.

With the help of Creative Automation, however, the team can easily produce as many variations as possible of the same video so they can provide their clients with a steady flow of assets.

These assets can be then adapted to whatever campaigns their clients are working on whether that’s a seasonal campaign such as the Christmas holidays or the beginning of the school season, or even global campaigns, which will include messaging in different languages.  

For Boomerang, this challenge was definitely not new. By working on such projects constantly, they ended up doing repetitive, costly, and time-consuming work to create different versions of the same assets whether banners or videos, and this, ultimately, took a toll on their production process.

While growth is typically a good problem to have, Boomerang’s existing resources for handling the post-production process left the agency with some very real challenges.

It all resulted in a lot of inefficiencies, inflated budgets for production work, and multiple team members involved in the process of manually creating hundreds and thousands of video and banner variations.

The Solution

A scalable asset production process that can keep up with Boomerang’s international clients

One of the initial and primary reasons Boomerang chose Storyteq was its focus on empowering and enabling their team to produce assets at scale using dynamic campaigns.

Boomerang was looking for a solution that boosted their productivity, facilitated collaboration, solved their assets production bottleneck in terms of creating multiple versions of the same asset, and increased confidence for their creative teams. The answer? Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform.

Thom Specht, Digital Producer, explains in more detail: “By using the Storyteq platform to create assets at scale, we’re spending less time in post-production.” 

As an agency working with several international clients, the team needs to conceptualize campaigns in a way that fits all their customers’ touchpoints and ad channels. That means that they need more versions of the same base creative for different scenarios like different languages, adapting a creative to different countries, or creating ads in certain formats. 

After adopting Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform, not only did the Boomerang team increase their efficiency in this respect but the production team also created a new approach to produce assets for advertising campaigns. 

In the pursuit towards maintaining a competitive advantage while remaining faithful to its core values – creativity and uniting brands and people – Boomerang adopted Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform and also created a 15-people dynamic video department within their agency to focus specifically on this type of work.

The agency understands how to leverage Creative Automation to help their creative minds stay creative, while leveraging their production capabilities.

Boomerang’s dynamic video department shows how much they believe in the potential offered by Creative Automation.

Think of it in these terms: where a creative designer could once only produce a small amount of creatives because they were limited by technology (eg: computer’s rendering time) and/or lack of time, they can now remain equally creative, all while boosting their production outputs, thanks to Creative Automation. 

By combining talent and technology, Boomerang banks on the idea of offering more to their clients: more assets, more options, more variations. And they do this for less – less time, less money, less repetitive work.

A wide range of use cases to drive asset production

The best Creative Automation platforms raise the bar on production. With Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform, the agency now delivers a consistent, authentic experience in every ad campaign.

Boomerang uses Storyteq’s platform for a variety of reasons like:

  • Testing asset variations for their clients
  • Highlighting various USPs in videos and banners
  • Combatting ad fatigue by offering clients the possibility to roll out fresh ads on social media every week
  • Serving global clients who need videos in different languages 
  • Creating seasonal campaigns that clients can use for a few years 

The benefits

Making an impact with dynamic creatives at scale

For Boomerang, working with dynamic creatives is a great unique selling point (USP) they can offer to their clients. As Thom puts it: “Dynamic campaigns are good for agencies because there’s a constant flow of assets we can deliver to them anytime they need them.”

Boomerang creates a considerable amount of content for clients so it’s ideal to have a constant flow of work and that immediately becomes possible by leveraging dynamic creatives.

“For one video, we can generate 55,296 extra variations through the Storyteq platform. This helps our clients test the best performing asset.”

Thom Specht, Digital Producer at Boomerang

Thom also points out how Storyteq’s platform lets digital producers focus on creative work instead of getting bogged down with the drudgery of manual tasks.

“It takes less time to create a dynamic campaign with Storyteq than through the traditional After Effects and Premier way. With Storyteq, the process is automated and the assets get generated for you instantly.”

Thom Specht, Digital Producer at Boomerang

For instance, for one of Boomerang’s clients, Squla, an online educational learning platform that helps kids to learn in a fun way, the team created relevant assets for the next two years so that they’d be able to keep their content fresh and relevant for a long period of time.

Maintain global brand consistency while lowering post-production costs

In addition to generating new banner and video versions directly from the platform, Storyteq also enables brand consistency, which is important to maintain a steady brand while they grow the business.

Global branding consistency protects Boomerang’s clients as a whole, and ensures that there are no discrepancies between campaigns delivered to different countries or continents. 

For example, one of Boomerang’s clients, CarNext, wanted to create a campaign in 7 languages. Clients like CarNext use different languages to reach their audience globally. 

While keeping the branding on point is key, this is where cost comes into the picture as well. If you had a production budget of say 50,000€, the cost per asset for one language would be 0,90c, but by doing this automatically through the platform, the cost per asset for 7 languages lowers to 0,19c. This gives Boomerang’s clients the budget flexibility to request for as many versions of the same asset as they need.

Between the impact of assets at scale and saving time and cost on post-production, Storyteq also helps Boomerang with the concept of newsjacking by allowing them to tap into current news by quickly making changes on an asset instantly and setting it live on the spot. Whatever may happen around the world, the Storyteq platforms allows Boomerang to stay ahead of the news and keep currency fresh in their assets.

The results

Scalable system to create dynamic campaigns that are relevant to our clients’ audiences

“When I think about post-production efficiency, I definitely think Storyteq,” says Thom. “It helps us deliver more value to our clients by keeping them away from the studio and offering multiple relevant content for all their requirements upfront.”

Finally, since implementing Storyteq, Boomerang has seen a variety of strong results:

  1. They managed to cope with volume on their edits in the post-production
  2. Output assets for global clients while maintaining the cost per asset very low 
  3. Easily create fast iterations to set campaigns live on social media

Looking ahead, Boomerang plans to continue using Storyteq for their efforts to further scale and globalize their business.

Interested in the full case study? Click here.

Mar 18, 2021
Andreea Serb
Content Strategist at Storyteq
Andreea is a content strategist at Storyteq and is passionate about writing, storytelling, and cross-functional collaboration. When she’s not busy typing away, you will always see her reading a good book.

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