Collaboration between marketing and creative teams is key: A chat with Rogier Ros

Rogier Ros, Commercial Lead at Storyteq, talks about the importance of closing the gap between creative and marketing teams and why automation helps them to free up valuable time and spend it on things that really matter.

Although we live in a fast-paced world driven by productivity tools that make our daily life easier, as marketers and creatives, we still have a long way to go until we tap into perfect systems to automate low-leverage tasks.

In this interview, Rogier echoes this sentiment and recommends marketing and creative teams to look closely at their marketing ad stack, gain an understanding of how to use their owned data, and become more efficient at scaling their ad production. Read on!

Hey Rogier! Could you briefly introduce yourself and what your role at Storyteq is?

Rogier: Hi there! Many of our customers will probably know me since I’m leading our Sales team here at Storyteq. Together with my team, we’re advising many different companies on using and implementing dynamic creatives in their workflows.

What makes it exciting about working in the Sales team at Storyteq?

Rogier: What I really like is that we’re working together with such diverse companies across so many industries. Seeing the differences but also the similarities in their challenges is really exciting. 

It’s sometimes unbelievable to see how companies that are so far apart on paper, are so similar in the challenges they are facing in their marketing and creative production strategies. 

Being a connector between these companies and allowing them to learn and benefit from each other is truly great.

You’re having daily conversations with professionals from across the industry. From your findings, how has the industry evolved in the past few years?

Rogier: One thing that really stands out to me is how the collaboration between marketing teams and creative teams has evolved over the years. Till only a few years ago, these were almost completely disconnected. 

Nowadays, more and more organizations are starting to realize that these two worlds aren’t so far apart after all. The saying ‘’The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’’ really works for marketing and creative production teams.”

What are some of the biggest challenges the industry faces right now? Any solutions you’d propose?

Rogier: Obviously, 2020 has been a roller-coaster for most companies and industries. Their business either imploded or exploded due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation.

What most companies and teams have in common is that they either have to deliver the same output with fewer resources or have to output more with the same resources. This always leads to some sort of disbalance. 

“All ad strategies and underlying processes should be focused on agility, flexibility, and having the ability to adapt to changing circumstances fast.”

Rogier Ros, Commercial Lead at Storyteq

This forces teams to do things more efficiently. In my opinion, the key is in automation as it helps you to free up valuable time and spend it on things that really matter.

What are your top tips for advertisers and marketers who want to scale their ad production and be successful in a global market?

Rogier: This might be a bit of a biased answer, but I would definitely advise all marketing and production teams to closely look at their marketing ad stack and see if there are any gaps in there. 

I’m talking to many teams that are spending so much time on repetitive tasks that can easily be automated. This is something that really amazes me, especially considering how digital and tech-savvy most marketing and creative professionals are.

What digital ad strategies do you foresee being dominant in 2021? Why?

Rogier: In terms of advertising strategies it will (still) be about multivariate testing, in my opinion. Betting on one horse is only a good idea if you know on which horse to bet. The only way to find out is by testing. All ad strategies and underlying processes should be focused on agility, flexibility, and having the ability to adapt to changing circumstances fast.

Finally, what inspires you to do your work better every day?

Rogier: My inspiration usually doesn’t come from the well-known industry leaders – the big names like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. Although I admire them, it’s too far apart for me. 

I like to get inspired by having conversations with my friends, my colleagues, and clients. Gathering these little practical insights and combining them in order to improve as a person and as an organization – that’s what really matters to me.

To learn more about Rogier and say “hi”, feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn.

Feb 2, 2021
Andreea Serb
Content Strategist at Storyteq
Andreea is a content strategist at Storyteq and is passionate about writing, storytelling, and cross-functional collaboration. When she’s not busy typing away, you will always see her reading a good book.

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