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We help you to reach, touch and move your clients with powerful personal video campaigns. From simple email campagnes, to fully programmatic online advertising projects. Check out how we can help you to reach your goals!

Personal fingerprintOnline video meets personalization

Our personal video campaigns are specialized in getting your video’s shared and seen on the open web, social sites and your owned media channels and make sure your audience takes action.

We architect, co-create and deliver great personal video campaigns. We have a strong focus on getting your message delivered in a personal and engaging way and delivering you the results you want. Our platform allows our clients to personalize video’s on multiple data sources and distribute the video’s via many media channels for many different purposes.

  • Owned media channels

    • Email
    • Mobile apps
    • Website
    • Whatsapp
  • Paid media channels

    • Open web
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Other social media

We’ve done successful cases for many different goals:

Awareness Creation– Branding – Happy onboarding – Cross-/upsell – Brand loyalty – lead generation – lead nurturing – Customer retention – Win back – Special events – Customer evangalism

Personal fingerprintPre-created or real-time

Depending on the use case, we determine whether we pre-create the video’s or we need to create them in real-time. The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about it. We got the people, process and tools to make the right decisions in relationship to your goals.

Personal fingerprintMannually or fully automated

Depending on the type of campaign we decide to manually proces the data or to connect our platform to your marketing software and let our technology do the magic. Our platform contains a strong API to seamlessly import the data we need and to serve out the personal video’s your clients want to see.


Personal fingerprintCreativity

The success of our campaigns is never the result of one single action. It’s about finding the perfect balance between creativity and technology. To do so we collaborate with the best creative agencies and video content producers.

You can either introduce us to your agency, or ask us to bring one of our trusted partners. We will show you the technical possibilities and tell you the do’s and don’t around personalization. After that, together we can go wild on creating amazing concepts and start running the actual campaign and getting actual results.

Personal fingerprintTechnology

We love technology, yet believe in the power of human interaction. We live by our motto ‘go digital, stay human’. Our software is state-of-the art and trusted by the biggest brands. We understand we work with data and respect privacy.

We can service you in running small campaigns or go wild and create millions of unique personal video’s on the fly. Our software is developed in-house and ready for scale. We have a strong focus on continuously reduce complexity to make sure we can deliver fast, reliable and without to much hassle.

Personal fingerprintCase study – How Samsung went viral

“We had a media budget set aside to promote the campaign on Facebook. However, the campaign has gone entirely viral, completely organically. This is truly unique and is beyond our wildest dreams.”

– Marius Klijzing (Product Manager Samsung Mobile NL)

In the video, Samsung plays on popular dating apps and their popularity. Almost daily we check profiles in dating apps and discuss those with our friends. This is exactly what happens in the Valentines video promotion, in which you are the main character. The personalization in the videos are based on your Facebook profile. This is where the app gets your pictures, relationship status, age, interests and place of residence which are then discussed by three handsome men or women. Just like real life, but with the only difference being you are able to see how you are judged

The results: We reached the stunning number of 94 million views in 10 days. In addition we got 6,5 million likes, 2,5 million comments and 315.000 unique video’s we’re created. Now that’s a viral. Interested how these numbers contributed to the samsung campaign goals. Contact us now.

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