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How Lumos Apps produces many ad variations for their numerous apps and therefore enhances testing opportunities using Creative Automation.

Learn how Lumos Apps see great success in the apps they publish through a well-thought advertising strategy which involves Creative Automation.

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creative assets for app Plaw made in two years before Storyteq


creative assets made in two months with Storyteq, for Plaw alone


Creative Automation

“The problem we were facing was that we had to scale, and fast. Until now we had produced most of the creative assets by hand, but sometimes we needed to quickly iterate and create variants with several copies, different Calls To Action, different colors… So we needed a tool to do this with speed, because sometimes we might need 80 creative assets in a single day and doing this by hand wasn’t going to cut it.”

Ben Alardin,
Creative Manager, Lumos Apps

The Problem


A competitive app publishing landscape


A need to optimize their media so that their apps stand out


A lack of capacity for localization at scale

Our Promise


Create templates independently or in coordination with our Managed Services team


Scale app advertising to multiple markets and audiences


Deliver hundreds of new ads within only two months at a fraction of the cost

The Proof


Self-sufficient platform users at Lumos Apps making large-scale iterations


Improved attainment of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)


A fast, straight-forward implementation of Creative Automation into Lumos Apps’ workflow and consequently, faster results

The Problem

Google Play store currently has over three million apps. When app publishers launch a new app, they must generate awareness for people to download it. In a clearly oversaturated market, this requires considerable advertising efforts to amass the desired number of installs.

As creative lead at an app publisher, you may have expected more fun to be had when designing the marketing materials for an array of fitness, gaming, and lifestyle apps. 

But actually, the need for large-scale testing and localizing instead means creating variation upon variation of these numerous ads, removing the creativity and joy from the creative production process entirely.

Is there anything that could enhance your advertising strategy and give back time for actual creative tasks like ideation and storytelling?

Indeed there is.

Our Promise

The Storyteq cloud-based Creative Automation platform is built upon three pillars:


We create powerful and customizable templates. through the Storyteq template builder and After Effects extension, using your master files.


We scale variations of these creative assets (premium video, HTML5 banners, statics), depending on whatever element it is you need changed: sizing, text, prices, voiceovers, images or entire scenes.


We deliver these multiplied variations when, after review, you connect and upload the media to your favorite distribution channels, directly from our platform.

The Proof

Meet Lumos Apps, on its way to becoming Europe’s leading app publisher, with apps such as Bend, Plaw, and Weburn.

They knew an automation platform was necessary to integrate into their workflows, because without it their processes were slow, and slowing down results.


With Storyteq, Lumos Apps appreciates the autonomy their designers are given to create templates. The ability to self-serve based on their own wants and needs was complemented by a minimal learning curve.

Given his background and profession as a motion graphics designer, Ben Alardin from Lumos Apps is grateful for the After Effects extension, which has been his main tool for a while. Additionally, he found that the User Interface of the Template Builder is similar to programmes he uses for static display ads, like Figma.


Plaw is an app for live and static phone wallpapers. To show potential wallpapers to an Apple user, Lumos can use the Storyteq platform to add a huge volume of wallpapers and videos, which allows them to perform the necessary screen replacement at the click of a button. It is as simple as filling out a Comma Separated Values (CSV) table with the relevant parameters.

As the metrics regarding volume at the top of this page show, Lumos Apps are taking back time while having even more rigorous and wide-ranging testing capacities.


Lumos Apps has a framework for working with Storyteq: They make a number of creative assets by hand and chart the results. Once the results are in, they know which ad creatives to leverage using Storyteq’s iteration features.

The fact that these newly iterated ad creatives can be directly uploaded to Facebook and inserted into their campaigns is a huge bonus for Lumos Apps.

“Storyteq was the best tool for creating many digital assets in the space of one day, because we have complete control of what we display and what we do, whereas with other tools we needed to put in requests for what we wanted. They would develop the creative templates, which was inefficient.”

Ben Alardin,
Creative Manager, Lumos Apps

About Storyteq

Storyteq helps digital creative leads and marketing teams in top global brands to scale their creative production so they can improve their creative workflows, stay on-brand, and go-to-market faster. 

Are you struggling with your creative workflows?

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