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How Storyteq helps Perfetti Van Melle centralize their creative production strategies and maintain brand consistency across their product portfolio.

Learn how Perfetti, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of confectionery and chewing gum, including brands like Chupa Chups and Mentos, is using the power of Creative Automation in order to gain efficiencies in their output volume, workflows control and production speed, all while ensuring brand consistency.

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30+ offices




days saved on the production process

“In terms of time savings, those are huge; between the fastened production process and avoiding the usual back-and-forth between HQ, local teams and agencies, we save about 178 days on the production process. It used to take at least a week. Now the editor just opens the software and makes the versions they need in minutes.”
Daan Simonis,
Global Media & Digital Marketing Director,

The Problem

Operating as a decentralized organization, Perfetti Van Melle faced such occasional challenges as:

Maintaining brand consistency across all regions
A slow time-to-market
High creative production costs

Our Promise

Create templates from one central point
Scale Perfetti’s creative assets based on diverse elements that need changing, such as price, language or size
Deliver the media through their preferred channels

The Proof


Lower production costs and saved time


Ensured brand consistency

A streamlined workflow and review system across regions

The Problem

Picture this: you are Marketing Lead at one of the world’s biggest confectionery manufacturers and you are launching a digital ad campaign.

You want to market a successful brand like Chupa Chup, which is internationally recognizable for its vibrant playful brand identity and bursting with color and joy. But a complex advertising landscape means this is not as straightforward as you may think.

Operating across multiple markets with multiple products makes the demand for creatives high, which is difficult to coordinate as a decentralized organization with local branches in control of their advertising efforts.

After your creative team conceptualizes and produces the ads, you need them to then create the variations which consider localization and personalization, contain different Calls to Action, pricing, images; all in the name of reaching the right person. You then need to run performance tests and have these ads adapted again. How can this be done within a slow and inefficient workflow? Should you add headcount so you don’t miss deadlines or allow the quality of output to drop?

Our Promise

The Storyteq cloud-based Creative Automation platform is built upon three pillars:


We create powerful and customizable templates. through the Storyteq template builder and After Effects extension, using your master files.


We scale variations of these creative assets (premium video, HTML5 banners, statics), depending on whatever element it is you need changed: sizing, text, prices, voiceovers, images or entire scenes.


We deliver these multiplied variations when, after review, you connect and upload the media to your favorite distribution channels, directly from our platform.

The Proof

Meet Perfetti Van Melle: one of the world’s largest
manufacturers and distributors of confectionery
and chewing gum. With many notable confectionary brands in its product portfolio, including Fruitella and Mentos, Perfetti enlisted us to help manage the creative demands of operating within a global Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry.


Perfetti’s global HQ needed to design its master creatives from one central point before transforming them into templates within the Storyteq platform, at which point local branches could log on and adapt based on their market’s needs.

Template-based production is how creatives at Perfetti can now render multiple variants at scale, giving them more control to quickly adjust to these market needs.


Perfetti uses their templates to scale to multiple products (like gum or candy), languages or audiences, generating a large volume of output.

They reiterate the same base video creative repeatedly, and with one centralized platform these new versions can be produced within minutes where it used to take weeks. Additionally, these changes can be made by creative or marketing teams. Multivariate testing at their fingertips.


Now the chain is shorter because when these newly sustainable and future-proof teams need a version, they can do it themselves and the time-to-market is expedited significantly.


countries it distributes in


branches worldwide


offices worldwide


creative production strategies: each branch managing their advertising
“With Storyteq, we can not only share templated creatives that our local branches use for quick adaptation, but also “lock” some template elements that we believe should be left untouched in order to maintain the brand consistency that we are after.”
Daan Simonis,
Global Media & Digital Marketing Director,

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Storyteq helps digital creative leads and marketing teams in top global brands to scale their creative production so they can improve their creative workflows, stay on-brand, and go-to-market faster. 

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