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How VIA Productions creates 250,000 digital creative assets in only 30 minutes.

Learn how VIA Productions, a small creative agency based in the United States, is using Creative Automation to achieve creative production heights which were unimaginable before.

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“We are able to do things we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise, so it’s a whole new stream for us. We are taking things on now that we would’ve had to say ‘no’ to before, such as big personalization campaigns for companies like Ashley HomeStore and American Car Center.”

Nathan Babian,
Pixel Manager, VIA Productions

The Problem


Client demands not matching their budget


Video personalization process too costly and inefficient 


A rate of production which means missed deadlines

Our Promise


Create templates which allow mass personalization


Scale advertising for thousands of different products for VIA Production’s retail clients


Deliver in minutes rather than days

The Proof


Hundreds of thousands of digital creative assets for one client


Ability to accept projects which would have previously been rejected


More room to experiment and grow opportunities

The Problem

As digital creative lead of a media production agency, your strong work ethic has not prepared you for the sheer level of content your clients are asking for to stay relevant with their audiences. Does this situation sound familiar?

Personalization is what your customers want, but large-scale personalization is a slow and expensive process, leading to neglected deadlines and disappointment for all parties.

You’re aware of the impact you could make if you could leverage video, knowing it is more engaging than any other advertising format. You dream of being able to produce batches of videos your clients could use in all types of contexts and for many of their targeted and existing customers. But is it financially possible to move beyond broad and generic video advertising?

It is with Creative Automation.

Our Promise

The Storyteq cloud-based Creative Automation platform is built upon three pillars:


We create powerful and customizable templates. through the Storyteq template builder and After Effects extension, using your master files.


We scale variations of these creative assets (premium video, HTML5 banners, statics), depending on whatever element it is you need changed: sizing, text, prices, voiceovers, images or entire scenes.


We deliver these multiplied variations when, after review, you connect and upload the media to your favorite distribution channels, directly from our platform.

The Proof

Meet VIA Productions: working largely in the retail sector, they make television commercials and other marketing materials for their clients. However, when brands began requesting more large-scale, personalized videos, VIA Productions had to break the news that their clients’ budgets would not suffice for such projects.

After creating their own automation tool for creative production purposes, VIA Productions realized they needed a Creative Automation platform to relieve them of the heavy technical work involved in growing their own automation tool.

That is when Storyteq came into the picture to help them with:


VIA had experience before working with templates, but experimentation with these was enhanced when they linked up with Storyteq.

One example of such experimentation is when VIA Productions created templates for some smaller sports teams. Now these teams can afford to advertise games more regularly and more easily by swapping out team logos, colors, or graphics of the stadium.


Ashley HomeStore, created 250,000 videos with VIA Productions, using the Storyteq platform. Before, marketing would have ordered videos with VIA, but now they can self-serve. Personalized video is now at the core of VIA Production’s strategy as they have the ability to scale to thousands of different products and change the prices on these regularly.


Their experience working with Ashley HomeStore saved them much time in terms of delivering output: 

“I had done some smaller tests previously, of around 5,000 videos at a time. This is something we would have talked about doing before Storyteq, but it would have taken me four or five days to do that number. This is compared to the 30 minutes it took with Storyteq to do 250,000. It changed my weekend plans when my workload lessened significantly!”

The Storyteq platform is simple to handle for creating videos. But other ideas have also rolled off of that: videos being done in really large batches gets us thinking, ‘Hey, if you can do this sort of personalization, what else can we do?’ So it has opened up opportunities for experimentation too.”

Nathan Babian,
Pixel Manager, VIA Productions

About Storyteq

Storyteq helps digital creative leads and marketing teams in top global brands to scale their creative production so they can improve their creative workflows, stay on-brand, and go-to-market faster. 

Are you working in an agency and struggling to meet deadlines?

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