Case challenge

How can ABN AMRO grab attention on LinkedIn in sourcing and recruitment and boost conversion? The goal of this campaign is to stand out in all the HR/sourcing messages out there, to find new and good employees.


In the case of ABN AMRO, personalized video is used in the sourcing and recruitment process. So within HR, to reach people in a striking and personal way. ABN AMRO distributes the personalized video via LinkedIn. It’s a different approach than the usual few lines of text in a LinkedIn message. In combination with a clear CTA, conversion is boosted.

ABN AMRO uses the StoryTEQ dashboard to create and distribute personalized video’s and follow-up on the communication. This dashboard allows 1 to 1 communication via a personalized video and gives real-time insight into the results. The video is played on a personalized landing page with clear CTA’s to boost conversion. For example, you can contact the sourcer/recruiter directly on the landing page via a “call me back” request or via a LinkedIn reply button. And what’s interesting about this case is that if the receiver is not interested, they are asked why they are not interested so that the recruitment can learn from them and improve the communication even further.

Another strength of the campaign is that every sourcer has its own video. The person that contacts the recipients tells the story him/herself. Which makes the approach even more personal and the video really feels like a 1 on 1 contact for the recipient.

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