Goals:Win Back

Case challenge

Every year insurance companies face the challenge of winning back lost clients. Together with AON, we formulated a flow in which lost clients – or lost policies – were convinced to return to AON.


StoryTEQ’s video software in conjunction with our customer journey expertise was used to create a win back flow. It includes the following three stages:

  • First wave: lost clients receive an email that includes a personalized video. Clicking on it redirects them to a customized landing page where the video can be watched. In it, AON expresses its appreciation for having served the customer in previous years. Information about the portfolio of insurances that AON offers is added to the landing page. Goal: make lost clients feel appreciated.
  • Second wave: lost clients receive an email that includes another personalized video. This time, a call to action is in the video that incentivizes lost clients to calculate the insurance contribution of their preferred insurance. Goal: inform lost clients about the range of insurances that AON offers.
  • Third wave: lost clients receive an email that includes a third personalized video. The goal of this video is to have lost clients calculate the premium of their favored insurance and convert. Goal: conversion.


The personalized elements of this flow were the following:

  • All videos were personalized based on name and insurance type.
  • Email automation flow: based on the interaction of lost clients (open vs. non-open, click, click-through) the distribution of the second and third email were adjusted.

Click-To-Open Rate %
Conversion Rate (Landing Page) % (ROI positive)

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