De Persgroep

Goals:Retention, Happy Onboarding

Case challenge

De Persgroep is facing the challenge of shifting from a segmented approach to a one-to-one approach within people receive the right message that is relevant to him or her at the right time. The primary purpose of this case is to recruit more customers and maintain for a long time. Secondarily, this means that customers feel more connected to the brand, resulting in up/cross selling opportunities.


In order to achieve goals, the moments of personalized video deployment are determined in the current process of recruitment and retention. Subsequently, the correct message was translated into a modularly built video. Modular video has also been developed so that the different Persgroep labels can make use of it. This way, the conversion of the total recruitment path of new customers can be increased and the acquisition cost per new customer will be reduced.

Open rate % (2.2x higher)
Click to open rate % (2.6x higher)
Viewers that give the video a thumbs up %

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