EDF Luminus


Case challenge

The fight against climate warming is top priority of the Belgian energy supplier EDF Luminus. That is why they want to provide their customers with more insight into their energy consumption and motivate and help them to save! All this in order to retain customers. But how do they get customers to log into the “My Luminus” page to give them this insight?


To ensure that customers log in to the “My Luminus” environment, a concept has been devised where customers receive a personalized video in their email. In the video the customers energy consumption is compared to their consumption in the previous period and the consumption in their own city. At the end of the personalized video, the consumers get a strong Call To Action. On My Luminus, you can find out if you consume less or more than your peers and discover personal advice to reduce your energy consumption up to 30%.


The first results exceed expectations. With the promise of a personalized video in the subject line of the mail, the click-to-open ratio is 57.8%, 8.5 times higher than the benchmark. In addition, the percentage of viewers that keep watching the video is also a lot higher than with non-personalized videos, no less than 22% higher. And that while the video is relatively long. Some even watch the video several times!

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