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Our oceans are polluted with plastic. Every year more than 12 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans, a truckload of junk every minute. Plastic has been found in waters across the world, including along the coasts and deep at sea and inside fish, birds, and turtles’ stomachs. The problem is huge and worldwide. Greenpeace wants to turn the tide and protect the oceans from plastic. They started a project to create awareness around the urgency and thereby bind new target groups to Greenpeace.


Through various channels traffic can be generated to the message-in-a-bottle landing page. At this landing page people can request a personalized video in which they are the hero of the sea that defeats the plastic monster. They share this with friends through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Their friends could not only watch the personalized video of their friend but also request their own personalized video. To spread the word even further.

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