HAN: Application flow

Goals:Activation, Happy Onboarding

Case challenge

The challenge is to optimize the application process for prospective students at the HAN. The Dutch educational system allows students to apply for various BSc programs, both within the same school as well as amid distinct schools. Therefore, students should be stimulated to choose for the HAN as educational institution.


Prospective students receive a personalized video in which a warm welcome is delivered to them. The personalized video also functions as an information provision instrument in which the application process is explained, and expectations are managed.

Finally, a call-to-action is added that triggers prospective students to complete the online study choice test (matching) and schedule an appointment at the HAN. This is required to successfully complete their application.


The following elements are personalized:

  • Name
  • Name of BSc program
  • If students applied for multiple BSc programs, a different intro scene is showed.
  • Student number
  • Date of registration
  • Additional requirements to complete application for specific BSc program: type of matching event varies based on BSc program. Distinct scenes are showed for each type of matching procedure.

Results Pending

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