HAN: Warm Welcome

Goals:Warm Welcome, Engagement.

Case challenge

Deliver a warm welcome to new students. Inform them about the offerings of the HAN, what they can expect, and overall deliver them a cool impression of the HAN.


Send new students an email in which they receive a personalized video. This serves as instrument to make students look forward to starting at the HAN. Unique features that the HAN offers are communicated as well. Finally, an important call-to-action is included that incentivizes students to sign up for an introduction event.

The following elements are personalized:

  • Textual elements: name, place of birth, secondary school, next year’s BSc program, and residential location.
  • Elements of scene: based on the BSc program, we included distinct shots in the video. Students see the campus and faculty that belongs to their study program.

Email: Click to open rate %
Video: Customer approval rate %
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