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During the Holidays it’s a tradition at Knab to thank their customers with a personal message from al the Knab employees to each individual customer. After three years in a row, the bar was set higher than ever, and they wanted some out-of-the-box ideas. How do we give all 160.000 customers an extra warm and cozy feeling during the Holidays?


Every customer received a spectaculair James Bond-style movie trailer with themselves as the leading role! Instead of actors, almost 60 employees of Knab play in the movie! With an over the top action comedy, the personalized video shows how the Knab team is doing everything to realize an “unconcerned 2018” for the customer. And that requires a lot more than you think. For example, Knab gives a glimpse into the fictional Mission Control room and shows how a malicious phisher is being caught. This all thanks to you, the Knab customer!

Every customer can view their personalized video on a special landing page. That landing page is full with reviews such as “Thé transaction movie of the year” (Film fanatic) and “Yet another movie with a happy ending…” (The Daily Spoiler). Robbert Bakker (CEO, Knab) about this trailer: “I love it when a financial plan comes together.” For non-customers a generic version can be viewed on the website. Customers can share their video via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.


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