Goals:Customer Engagement, Loyalty

Case challenge

Within Mysteryland, they are always looking for innovations to optimize visitor experience. The mobile experience surrounding a festival is becoming more and more important for festival lovers. How can Mysteryland optimize the customer experience for their festival visitors?



Every festival has an aftermovie… But what if you could have an aftermovie exactly how you actually experienced the party? Think about your favorite music style, the amount of days you visited the festival and the stages you have seen. We made this happen, together with Woov, Mysteryland, Samsung & Boomerang. WOOV, who was responsible for the Mysteryland-app, collected data about the visitors. Based on this information, together with an integration with Facebook our software realized a personal aftermovie for each individual visitor. This service is “an unicum”. Never before, visitors were able to receive their personal aftermovie.


Boomerang Motion


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