Goals:Awareness, Drive to Store

Case challenge

Together, Porsche Netherlands and StoryTEQ has set up a digital marketing campaign to explore whether dynamic video advertising works for Porsche. With dynamic video we mean instead of showing the same Ad to everyone, creating hundreds of Ads for specific target audiences. This was done on Facebook, for the ‘approved occasion days’ of Porsche Netherlands on the 4th and 5th of November 2017. The challenge? Creating awareness for these days.


Through programmatic advertising, dynamic video ads for Porsche have been realized on Facebook. The ads are customized to viewer preferences based on available data, such as car model and location. The dynamic variables used are:

  • Municipality (based on Geo-location)
  • Nearest dealer (based on Geo-location)
  • Model type (based on Facebook targeting data)

The Ad:

  • All the Ad sets were targeted on upper economic class or interest in Porsche. For the Panemera and Cayenne, ‘business’ was an additional targeting variable. The “911 model” was focused on men.
  • To test the effectives of dynamic video ads vs non-dynamic video ads, we also ran one generic video ad. You liked to receive the results?

Click-through rate + %
Costs per click - %

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