Goals:Brand Awareness and new Opt-ins

Case challenge

When Christmas is around the corner, it’s the perfect moment to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. How can Rituals engage their customers during Christmas and how can Rituals generate new opt ins as well?



With the use of Facebook, StoryTEQ managed to turn an original commercial into a personalized, relevant commercial by using photos of the viewer. Our software makes it possible to adapt videos based on data (photos) uploaded by the customer. Because Christmas is the perfect moment to tell loved ones how much they mean to you, people will share their personalized video with their loved ones. The perfect way to increase engagement and create new opt-ins. Because recipients will engage with content from Rituals as well.


Boomerang Motion


Conversion (visitors that make own video) %
Viewers that watch video till logo-sequence %
New visitors per shared video

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