Samsung S6


Case challenge

On the question: ”How can Samsung bring her products to the attention in the most progressive and outstanding way possible?”, StoryTEQ offers a solution with personalized video marketing. An innovative product such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 requires an innovative introduction.


A personalized video for Samsung directed to a big number from her database contacts. Goal of these live action video is ‘enrichment of life’ by portraying the ‘King of Smartphones’; the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 
Based on data from the database there are personalized elements included in the video. In this way each contact received a personalized video based on their interests and needs.

The result

The personalized video was opened 56% more compared to the same non-personalized video. Also there were 386% more clicks from the email to the landing page compared to the same non-personalized video.

Open rate + %
Click-through rate + %

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