Samsung S8

Goals:Awareness, Product Information

Case challenge

At the end of April a brand new phone was introduced with the unique ‘infinity display’ (a screen without edges). The ‘Unbox Your Phone’ campaign, conceptualized to launch the Samsung Galaxy 8, was translated into ‘Unbox Your Life’ in their most recent video. The concept and realization of the video originates from Boomerang Agency, and we are responsible of the video’s technical realization.


This time actors Jan Kooijman and Katja Schuurman take the stage for the Facebook video. After the user gives permission to use or her details, the app creates a personalized video in which he or she is the protagonist.

Reenacting so many versions of the same scene was a new experience for the actors. Due to the countless possible combinations of men, women, ages, initials and preferences, the variations on this video are endless. Featured alongside Katja Schuurman and Jan Kooijman in this video are the admirable singers Wudstik and Dries Roelvink.

Again, this Samsung’s personalized video FB campaign has grown into a huge success. Within a week more than 130.000 users made their own personal video, while the videos were viewed over 61 million times and liked almost 3 million times.

Total amount of views .929
Total amount of likes .599
Total amount of comments

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