Samsung #ShareYourExcitement

Goals:Brand awareness

Case challenge

Samsung Belgium is one of the official partners of the Belgium Soccer team: The Red Devils. In the summer of 2018 the World Championship took place. All of Belgium – and even many Dutchies since the ‘Orange Lions’ are not competing – is excited for their national team to compete. This resulted in the campaign ‘Share Your Excitement’, conceptualized to engage the soccer fans. The concept and realization of the video originates from our Belgium partners De Vloer and Wenneker. StoryTEQ is responsible for the video’s technical realization.


Via a Facebook application the soccer fans could share their excitement by sending their favorite soccer player a message and giving permission to the app to use his of her details. In return they got a personal video message on their Facebook wall from their favorite player and the rest of the team. In which everyone got to take a look behind the scenes in the Red Devils’ locker room.

Many short scenes were filmed with the soccer players. Giving personalized gifts to their fan: Origi with a duvet cover with your picture, Vertonghen with a shirt with your last name on it, Fellaini puts your picture on the wall of fame, Carrasco has a tattoo with your name, and many other players with fun gifts. This resulted in thousands of different possible edits. And combined with the names, birthdays and pictures of the fans, in countless variants of the video.

Again, this Samsung’s personalized video FB campaign has grown into a huge success. During the Wold Cup more than 101.000 video’s were made, which were viewed almost 32 million times and liked 2,6 million times.

Total amount of views .084
Total amount of likes .956
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