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On Thursday the 17th of November, Viva will be rewarding the VIVA400 awards for the ninth time. VIVA400 is thé network for ambitious women who get inspired and inspire each other, by being who they are, what they do and what they achieve. Annually, 400 power women get nominated for their successes. Looking at the customer journey for this event, the announcement of the nominees is an important ‘key touch point’. What is the best way for VIVA to communicate this announcement? And how does VIVA create the right experience?


Personalized video is the ultimate tool to invite customers for a special event. In total, there are awards for five different categories. The video has a modular approach, therefore the video addresses personally to all nominees and their particular section. Automatically! The recipients receive the right message, at the right moment in the right form.

The result is a welcoming and festive video that is entirely in style of VIVA400. The personalized video is sent through mailing and will be played on a tailor-made landing page with clear CTA, namely the vote button! Social media functions are integrated on the page, through which nominees can easily share their personal content online. This way, nominees can easily recruit their votes and win the battle. Good luck to all!

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