Goals:Brand Awareness, Customer Acquisition

Personalized video was implemented at the beginning of the customer journey. Here, personalized video shows added value by creating awareness regarding the program before the first episode even aired. The aim was to create an abundance of viewers from the start, and attach these viewers to the program in a personal matter. This would help increase the customer acquisition.

The video marketing campaign was distributed through Facebook; an unconventional channel for a television ad. This way, the program is brought to a bigger audience in a striking, innovative and above all personal way. Facebook is the number one channel for reaching a great audience and has an incredible social aspect to it. Therefore, StoryTEQ developed an unique TNBGB Facebook application.

The application made it possible to create the personalized video, tag friends and spread it on Facebook through marketing automation. Furthermore, the application was able to generate personalized videos on the basis of multiple ‘variables’, for instance names and photos.

Generated videos in the Facebook App
Average views per video

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