Goals:Lead Generation

Case challenge

TUI Netherlands (TUI and Kras) was looking for an addition to/alternative for the current way of lead generation.


Together with StoryTEQ, a business case was created to generate leads from the existing database with personalized video. A lead is defined as a new email address with the subsequent desired opt-in.The solution lies in the most personal and relevant way to embed video. The receivers got send a personalized video by email that calls for inviting their friends to travel together. Through the landing page, the receivers could send a tell-a-friend in the form of a personalized video, in which the friend got invited to travel. The receivers itself could choose their own destination. This creates enrichment of the database. As the friend then accepted the travel request (and at the same time generate an opt-in), they both had a chance to win the traveler’s check of 450, – euros. The friends were free to invite their friends as well to spread their odds.To generate engaged leads only, we distinguish between engaged customers and sleepers in the database. In order to prevent sleepers hook up with other sleepers, we only ask them to update their data.

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