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Case challenge

How could Vichy send out their new branding commercial as a coherent video marketing campaign containing one uniform, personalized message?



In May, Vichy launched their new branding commercial. The commercial created engagement and awareness, but was completely independent. StoryTEQ has enriched the commercial by creating a short customer journey around it. A teaser trailer of the commercial was sent to loyal Vichy customers, the B2C-database, with a call to watch the commercial. A day after the tv-premiere of the commercial, the B2C-database received a personalized video containing a contest.

The personalized video contained the customer’s name, gender, years of Vichy loyalty and the most recently bought product. In the video content we focused on the different parallels between the vision and products of Vichy on the one hand, and the meaning of friendship on the other hand. That paved the way with #youmakemestronger for a tell-a-friend campaign with a contest to win prizes worth €1500,-. Consumers could tell their loved ones why they make them stronger through a personalized video. During this campaign, the database was checked and/or enriched.


Parallel to the customer journey, another online journey for pharmacist(assistants) was created. The pharmacy is the heart of the brand. That is why Vichy hosts a webinar with valuable pharmaceutical knowledge every year. With use of personalized video, the B2B-database got invited to enlist for the annual webinar.

The personalized video was personally addressed and made clear why they should watch the webinar. After the live-broadcast of the webinar, the entire database received a personal follow-up.

Video completion rate % - 83%
Click-through rate (within unique opens) + %
Open rate + %

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