Goals:Opt-in Generation

Case challenge

Vogelbescherming Nederland is the Dutch Society for Protection of Birds (SPB). Every spring, a special landing page is launched that enables website visitors to observe bird nests.

The yearly number of visitors is substantively large. SPB’s challenge is to convert website visitors into structural value (newsletter subscriptions and ultimately donations).


StoryTEQ’s solution incorporates the optimization of the customer journey. Using a teaser video (see below), website visitors are triggered to make a personalized video (see top of the page) that tells them which bird best matches their personality. This is based on data they provide by filling out a form. Simultaneously, website visitors opt in for a newsletter.

After creating the personalized video, visitors receive an email that includes an individualized .gif. By clicking on this, visitors are brought to a landing page where they can see their personalized video. On this page, visitors are able to share the personalized video via different social media channels, including a native Facebook share, generating an average of 300 views per share and creating awareness for SPB.


The following elements are personalized/dynamic:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Talent (which matches with a certain bird)

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