VUB: University in Brussels

Goals:Warm Welcome

Case challenge

Studying at the VUB feels like home. Mainly because the VUB offers many student services on campus, like housing, parties and the ability to share classes with thousand of other students on campus. This way, new ‘families’ are born quickly. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel wants to translate this feeling of coming home into a new welcoming video for their new students.


A personalized video is the excellent solution for this case. In association with communication agency ‘These Days’, a cool video is developed. To create the welcoming effect, we choose to give an inside in the daily life at the VUB. This way, the new student knows what to expect. Through personalization, the student feels instantly connected.

The result is a short, but powerful personalized video with the right message, in style of the VUB. By giving an impression of VUB student life and what it has to offer, the new students are fully prepared for their new study year!

Results Not disclosed

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