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We help you to reach, touch and move your clients with powerful personal video business cases. From simple email campaigns, to fully programmatic online advertising projects. Check out one of our selected cases and let them inspire you.


Together, Porsche Netherlands and StoryTEQ has set up a campaign to explore whether dynamic video advertising works for Porsche. With dynamic video we mean instead of showing the same Ad to everyone, creating hundreds of Ads for specific target audiences. This was done on Facebook, for the ‘approved occasion days’ of Porsche Netherlands on the 4th and 5th of November 2017.

View case: Porsche


Why stop the party after a weekend? Mysteryland let it’s guests return to the event with the use of a personal aftermovie. In cooperation with WOOV we managed to extend the Mysteryland experience by creating a video that included your own style of music, depending on the stages you visited.

View case: Personal Aftermovie

Samsung S8

Again, this Samsung’s personal video FB campaign has grown into a huge success. Within a week more than 130.000 users made their own personal video, while the videos were viewed over 61 million times and liked almost 3 million times. Read more about how we achieved this.

View case: Samsung S8

Age UK

Age UK aims for optimal care for elderly in Great Briain. Elderly especially feel lonely during the Christmas period. To address this problem, Age UK along with Unruly (programmatic ad agency) developed a campaign concerning loneliness, with a clear CTA: Donate now. Check more about this number 2 Christmas Campaign.

View case: Awareness around elderly


How can the buzz and the associated awareness around the arrival of the giant pandas be converted into visitors to the park? Check how we helped Ouwehand with a conversion of +70,3% subscribers and a open rate of 80%.

View case: the Giant Pandas


Check this Valentine case of Samsung about how personal video can generate 95 million views in one week without social media spend on social. Read more about the story of one of the most successful, awardwinning personal video cases ever.The case has won an EFFIE award and TWO Lovies!

    View Valentine case: It’s a Match


    BeFrank has a beautiful web portal that helps customers with their retirement affairs. However, BeFrank customers weren’t immediately using the portal. How can BeFrank convince participants, both new and existing clients who have never logged in, that they should use the web portal?

    View case: Customer Activation


    How can ABN AMRO stand out on LinkedIn in sourcing and recruitment and boost conversion? In the case of ABN AMRO, personal video is used in the sourcing and recruitment process. Check how we realised a response conversion of +25%.

    View case: personal video for recruitment

    De Persgroep

    De Persgroep is facing the challenge of shifting from a segmented approach to a one-to-one approach within people receive the right message that is relevant to him or her at the right time. The primary purpose of this case is to recruit more customers and maintain for a long time. Secondarily, this means that customers feel more connected to the brand, resulting in up/cross selling opportunities. Read more about our solutions.

    View case: personal video for client activitation


    “Mijn Eneco Zakelijk” offers many benefits with the aim to give customers an insight in their current energy consumption. How could Eneco show their digital environment in the best, inspirational way, with gaining customer activitation as a main goal? Read more about our solutions.

    View case: personal video for customer activitation


    How could Vichy send out their new branding commercial as a coherent campaign containing one uniform, personal message? Read more about our solutions.

    View case: personal video for boosting branding


    How does SBS create more awareness regarding their new program The Next Boy/Girl Band (TNBGB)? Personal video was implemented at the beginning of the customer journey. Here, personal video shows added value by creating awareness regarding the program before the first episode even aired. Read more about how we generated an average of 364 views per created Facebook video.

    View case: personal video for launch new TV program


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