Dynamic video advertising

Our dynamic video advertising solution helps you to get more out of your online video marketing. Why make one video for many, if you can make a personal and relevant video Ad for each individual viewer or target audience? With our solution, you make sure the viewer always sees the most relevant version of your video Ad

What our platform can do for you:

  • Increase conversion (CTR’s & VTR’s)
  • Increase engagement and view time
  • Decrease cost and lead time

We do this by generating not one, but multiple video Ads, each specific to a particular individual or target audience.

We can do this by using data from:

  • Ad exchanges & DSP’s
  • DMP’s
  • Facebook
  • Youtube (Adwords)
  • Product feeds
  • Contextual (e.g. weather)

To make life easy, we can adapt existing content by adding screens, overlays, adapting scenes and changing the length of the video.

Examples of solutions

Our road to success:


Define data on based which we make the video relevant


We make the video dynamic (either from scratch together with your creative partner or by adapting your existing content)


Choose your channel


We either create a campaign (in Facebook / Adwords or Doubleclick) or use our VAST publisher


We continuously optimize your campaign serve the right video to the right audience

Average results

CTR’s & VTR’s up to +0%
CPC’s up to -0%
Average View-time up to +0%

We serve the video Ad’s to your channel of choice.

We generate .mp4’s or VAST tags, and have direct integrations with all the major channels, so we can serve everywhere and to everyone.

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