StoryTEQ empowers brands to get the best results out of your video marketing campaigns.

Benefits of our product

Besides delivering a unique customer experience you can...





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We enrich video by using data to create the most relevant video per target segment or unique individual. We can adapt videos on the following levels:

Element Level

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Scenes
  • Interaction

Storyline Level

  • Replace Scenes
  • Adjust Video Length

Output Level

  • Output Format
  • Video Ratio
  • Compression


We automatically set up your video marketing campaigns in your favorite distribution channels in order to reach your target audience effortlessly, both directly and programmatic.

Paid Channels

  • Facebook / Instagram
  • YouTube (DBM)
  • Open Web (DBM or other DSPs)

Owned Channels:

  • Email
  • Landing Pages (Websites)
  • Push Notifications (Mobile Applications)


We get the best results for your video marketing campaigns by continuously testing where, when and under which conditions your video performs best.

Condition-based optimization (If X then Y):

Run your video marketing campaigns only on the moments that matter most. To get the best results we use data feeds such as:

  • Weather
  • Location
  • Products
  • Previous Behaviour
  • Many more

Performance-based optimization:

Our smart algorithms automatically shift budgets to the best performing video ads to ensure the highest ROI.

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StoryTEQ provides you with valuable insights and recommendations on the performance of your video marketing campaign.

Analytics Dashboard:

  • Get detailed insights to see how your video marketing campaign is performing.

In-depth Reporting:

  • Receive recommendations of your video marketing campaign in order to continuously improve the outcome of your campaign.

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