Heineken posts relevant ads during the Champions League final

This Saturday is the big day, the Champions League final. The perfect moment for brands to communicate their product. By sharing the excitement, celebrations and achievements, they reach millions of football fans all around the world. Prospects can be reached best by targeting them with relevant ads.

Though many brands are making brilliant use of events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Champions League, there is one brand known for nailing it over and over again. We’re pretty sure if you Google it, you’ll find dozens of Heineken’s best ads during sports events, which results in the most brilliant marketing agencies racking their brains over creating more creative ads as well. But what if we told you that Heineken, in fact, creates a lot of their online advertisements during the event itself?!

Yes, you read it well. Heineken actually makes dynamic video ads during events such as the Grand Prix and Champions League. Find out how that works in the video.

How Heineken posts Relevant Ads during the Champions League Final

We call this solution Creatives at Scale, it’s a new way to create videos in a few clicks, which enables brands like Heineken to create advertisements that are relevant at that specific time. Think about it, it’s not even about the ad, it’s about being able to connect with the millions of football fans watching.



Global ad campaigns during big sports events

When the whole world is watching the Champions League, brands like Heineken but also MasterCard have to take legal disclaimers into consideration. It may sound really cool, being able to create a video in a few clicks and promote it but there’s more to it. Did you, for instance, think of all the different languages the ad should be in? The different legal disclaimers that have to be in the ad and the time zones that vary all around the world?

The good thing is that, Heineken can do that in a click too. They simply select the country they want to post in and the right legal disclaimer, language and font are automatically added. Interesting, isn’t it? It’s the future of digital marketing. And, even better, your brand can do this too.

Find more about the Heineken Global Pursuit case or simply get in touch with us and find out how to be just as cool as Heineken.

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