How to Make the Most of Your Customer Onboarding

27th May 2019
Customer onboarding. In today’s market environment customers switch brands more frequently than ever before. Businesses now have to go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. A great way to do this is with a brilliant customer onboarding strategy.
Brands such as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have proven that providing customers with a warm welcome significantly increases their customer satisfaction level. On top of that, happy customers enable brands to reach other goals such as boosting conversions and reducing customer churn.
Screenshot of the onboarding video for the Van Gogh-museum

What is customer onboarding?

Customer onboarding is the touchpoint between you, as a brand, and a new customer. It’s where you make sure the first experience with your brand – after a customer signed up or bought your product/service – goes as smooth as possible. The first interaction sets the tone for your future relationship, whether it’s the first email, first log-in or the very first moment customers use your product. During this phase, customers will determine whether they use your brand’s product or service once or if they will come back for more.

Why customer onboarding is key

Customers have high expectations and it’s up to you to meet those from the first moment they get in touch with your brand. Another important thing a lot of brands often seem to forget is that within the customer journey, it’s very important to not underestimate the post-purchase moment. Buyer’s remorse is common in all humans because of the physical mechanism in our brain. Therefore it’s extremely important to be present and fortify their decision. By doing this even before they start doubting their purchase decision brands can increase customer lifetime value and prevent customer churn.

On top of that, New York Times Business best-selling authors, Emmett and Mark Murphy, state that increasing your customer retention by just 2% impacts your business the same as decreasing your costs by 10%. So making sure your customers get a great customer experience and stick to your brand is key to any successful business.

So, how to make the most out of your customer onboarding?

1. Understand your customer

Customer onboarding starts with understanding your customers. Who are they? What do they value? And most importantly, how can you make their customer journey go as smooth as possible.

2. Provide your customer with everything they need

Be sure to provide everything a new customer might need from the moment they connect with your brand. Think of all the questions you might get from customers, no matter how silly they are. The Van Gogh Museum, for instance, provides museum visitors with a weather forecast, simply because in this way they know whether or not to bring their jacket.

3. Keep your customer up-to-date

Keep your customer informed of the progress they’re making with your service. Celebrate achievements with them, but most of all understand their pain points throughout the journey you’ve set up for them. Tools such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) or Customer Effort Score (CES) can provide you with on-point feedback that will guide you towards a more effective onboarding strategy. It will also minimize any resistance future customers might encounter. Your customer’s satisfaction relates to your business’ satisfaction: happy customer leads to a happy business.

4. Personally address your customers

Provide your customers with personalized insights, whether it’s by just showing the flight they’ve been searching for such as KLM, or a visualized overview of their energy consumption as EDF Luminus. Personalization is everything in customer onboarding. So don’t forget, in a world with millions of potential customers, to make sure yours feel special.
Screenshot of customer onboarding KLM

Don’t stay behind

It’s safe to say that implementing a customer experience-based onboarding strategy benefits both you and the customer. Whether you never implemented a customer onboarding strategy before, or already got one but look for improvements, it’s never too late. Make sure you don’t stay behind and are ahead of your competitors in maintaining the brand reputation you’ve worked hard to build. Because in the end, as your business evolves, so do your customers. It’s important to see them as one of your own. You want to onboard them as you would onboard a new employee. Make your strategy fit to what you wish you would want to experience, that is key.

Need help with finding a brilliant customer onboarding strategy? Get in touch with our customer journey expert and he will give you some amazing insights.


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