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January 15, 2018

Copenhagen, Thursday the 22nd of September: The third edition of Komfo Summit took place in the Danish version of the Dutch Paradiso – Vega. Highlights of the event were the latest social cases, trends and inspiring talks by top experts in the social and digital marketing field. Did you miss out on the Summit? We collected four inspiring quotes for you that we came along during the Summit.



1. “We don’t want technology to have more technology.”

We want technology to be more productive, to be able to do things that we have never seen before. It is not about the tech and software anymore – it is about people. Technology made us smarter. It helped us to collect data through which we know a lot more about our consumers. Key is to understand what these consumers truly want to know. With data only, you have nothing. What do you use it for? How do you communicate the right message, on the right moment, in the right form? The human aspect is key, not the technology.

2. “It’s not about online versus offline anymore, it’s about how we can use them together.”

Online and offline should not operate in opposite directions, but cooperate and reinforce each other. The following concepts are key for the right combination; community, engagement, storytelling and authenticity. To build community around your brand, it is important to know who are interested, what they want to know, how you can follow and lead them in the right direction, and how you build a relationship with them. And finally, be yourself. Concern for authenticity. This is the only matter in which you build trust with your customers.

3. “81% of internet traffic in 2020 will be video.”

The shares of online video have been increasing exponential and the popularity of (mobile) video continued to increase strongly. According to the latest research by Cisco, 81% of the Internet will be traffic video. Right now, the question is not if, but how you should use video. A clear video marketing strategy will help you stand out in times of on-going digitalization – in which you receive an overload of online video. How do you keep your head up? It is not about uploading content; it is about uploading great content. The right video at the right moment!

“Social video marketing is about the right timing.”Brian Fanzo

Viewers don’t mind watching an ad of your product or service, providing that it is within their interest. It is important to know when your target audience is online and which value your company can add to the every increasing digitalization.

4. “64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.”

Again, this quote shows the power of video marketing. Even more important is that the research done by Cisco showed that receivers would like to be a part of the video. The audience likes to participate. For that matter, we – together with Komfo – developed a case in which visitors of the event could participate through online video marketing. Check the case here!

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