4 ways to get even more out of your online video marketing

January 17, 2018

A while back we covered 5 easy ways to improve your Online Video Marketing Campaign and get more value out of your content. Now that those basic optimizations, like picking the right time to engage, adapting content to your preferred platform and using text in your video’s is out of the way, we put together 4 ways to get that extra kick out of your online video marketing campaigns.

1. Go with the flow

Now that we have the video, the format and the mode of distribution figured out, it’s time to send your video. But don’t stop there! Your video should be part of something greater! A video is a great entrance to a customer journey or digital marketing flow. However, what are the viewers supposed to do after they have watched your content? Should they subscribe to a newsletter? Download an eBook, and by doing that enroll in a nurturing journey? Think about what you want the viewer to do afterwards. Leverage the power of the video with a strong call to action. Maybe you just want people to visit your website after watching, but you do need to provide them with that information. You could just tell them in the video, but you could also accompany that with a clickable link below the video. Going even further, you could upgrade that link with the appropriate UTM tags to follow your traffic closely and learn from what’s going on.

video flow

 2. Measure your results

Speaking of UTM tags.. let’s talk about tracking! You have to keep track of what your video marketing content is doing. Is creating content even worth it for you? Are you getting enough views? Where are your views coming from and where do they go? What’s your target group comprised of? The answers to those questions are extremely valuable. If you know what is going on with your content you can act on it to increase conversion, optimize future content and leverage the full power of your social platforms.

There are two kinds of measuring. Measuring traffic sources and measuring video content performance. Measuring where your traffic comes from can help you focus your content and marketing efforts towards a certain target group. E.g. you may want to alter your message if measurements point out that you are mainly reaching youngsters.

Measuring the performance of the video marketing campaign can help you optimize your next video. Looking at drop-off rates can help you identify less interesting parts of your video and help you act upon it. Maybe shorten that intro-sequence on your channel if half of your viewers skip past it or even drop off because of it.


video statistics

 3. Get moving! GIF it up!

Videos are great, but depending on the platform you are broadcasting your video on viewers may not immediately get that your message is a video. Mailings for example usually cannot play videos. You can use a still image in your email template, but that doesn’t quite convey the dynamics of video. Using an animated GIF instead of a still image might be the solution for you. All modern mail clients are able to display and animate GIFs, and if you keep them short they hardly have an impact on loading times of the email, but they do convey the message that you have better than a simple image.

Gif it up

4. Get Personal! Use Personalized Video!

Video is still an incredible valuable tool, however it is becoming more common. The risk is very real that people choose to ignore most video, simply because they see so much of it each day. You need to stand above the crowd! How? Personalized video! Not only is the use of personalized video new, unique and exciting, but it also increases clicks, conversion and return on investment by creating a personal connection with your viewer. How do we do that? We incorporate personal information of the viewer within the video or adapt a video based on data about the viewer. This can range from simple things like names, addresses or their favorite animal to changing entire scenes of the video depending on the interests of the viewer. This ensures that the viewer is triggered by their personal information AND gets an entirely tailor made video which connects to their interests. This is the next big step for online video marketing. Are you ready?

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