5 online videos you should definitely see!

January 17, 2018

Video marketing doesn’t work, without great content. Check out our team members’ all-time favorite videos and let them inspire you.

 Allegro – English for beginners


Allegro, a Polish online auction platform, posted this 3-minute-long video advertisement to YouTube. Besides the absolute good quality of the content, the brand makes sure the viewer sees the proposition in the very first seconds. With a simple motion graphic of a search bar and a package arriving in the next scene, the viewer knows exactly what their business is about. If the viewer isn’t sticking around after this intro, you still know the viewer has seen and felt the brand.

 GEICO – Ad With A Hungry Dog


Everyone is familiar with the opportunity “Skip This Ad” after 5 seconds. Aren’t you? GEICO came up with a genius idea. Once you take in the first 5 seconds, you’re rewarded with the best part. Check it out yourself. Against all existing conventions, they bring the message in the first few seconds, with a huge logo in the middle of the screen. A bold move! Even though the video takes more than a minute, thousands of viewers watched the entire video.

 German Coastguard Sinking – Learn English Commercial


An oldie, but still one of the funniest ad commercials, which is the key of its success. It’s an ad that makes fun of German accents and encourages you to learn a foreign language. The commercial comes from Berlitz, a company offering language courses. Using humor in an ad is not easy. Its’ the hardest to make credible. Berlitz succeeded with this relevant and very funny spot, without a vage plot or a famous star. Very clever!

 Webflow – “Design, Don’t Code” – By Sandwich Video


Time and time again, Sandwich Video are the go-to reference point for great product videos. Why is this video so good? They work with great actors. Actors who are friendly, approachable, and confident. At Sandwich, they strive to keep their audience in mind by asking questions about how the product would integrate into people’s everyday lives. In this way they create product videos with a human touch.

 Samsung – Ostrich


This – Seven Cannes Lions Awards winning – video is inspiring and a perfect example of creative excellence. The “Ostrich” commercial shows an ostrich who learns to fly after donning a Samsung Gear VR headset and launching a virtual flight simulator. The #DoWhatYouCant video marketing campaign and “Ostrich” ad tap into the basic human urge to push beyond what is normal and demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing products and services that allow people to break boundaries and do the incredible. Check here for another example of Samsung.

 Bonus: Age UK – Personal Christmas Campaign


Age UK aims for optimal care for elderly in Great Britain. Elderly especially feel lonely during the Christmas period. To address this problem, age UK along with Unruly & StoryTEQ, developed a dynamic video marketing campaign concerning loneliness, with a clear CTA: Donate now! But this ad isn’t generic. This dynamic video succeeded because the intro of the video was personalized by county: the number of lonely elderly in the county of the viewer was automatically shown in the commercial, which increases conversion and engagement. Read more about personalized video.

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