5 personalized videos that won the customer’s heart!

January 4, 2018

Video works.. but by using dynamic video software you can take your video marketing to a whole new level. The possibilities of personalized video content are endless. Check out the personal favorites of our team members and let them inspire you.

 Age UK – Help us end loneliness (Open web)


One great dynamic video ad is the Christmas ad of Age UK. In the ad two elderly talk about how hurtful it is to be lonely during the Christmas period, with a clear CTA: Donate now! They made an ad that speaks to the heart even more impactful, by bringing the problem closer to home.With our software the intro of the video was personalized by city. Meaning that the number of lonely elderly in the city of the viewer was automatically shown in the intro of the commercial.This way we could serve personal and relevant open web AD based on contextual data. A small but clever change, with great impact!

 Campbell Soup – SoupTube (YouTube)


The Campbell’s Soup “Soup Tube” campaign is a good example of how you can make a video very relevant to the viewer with relatively little data. By making 1700 pre-polls based on the most common searches on Youtube, you are assured of a relevant commercial of Campbell’s Soup for each of these searches. In addition to an increased awareness and an ad recall of almost 25 percent, the sales of Campbell’s Soup in this (difficult summer) period also increased by an impressive 55 percent. A good example of how a relevant ad can lead to kick ass conversion.

ABN AMRO – Recruitment (LinkedIn)


Finding new and good employees has never been more difficult. With thousands of HR/Sourcing messages out there online, how do you stand out? ABN AMRO changed the recruiting game, by approaching future employees on LinkedIn in a original and innovative way. Every sourcer sent his or her own personalized video, which allows 1 to 1 communication. The person that contacts the recipients tells the story him/herself, which really feels like a 1 on 1 contact for the recipient. The response rate increased with a staggering 25% and conversion was boosted by 76,6%. That’s what we call a great example of a successful dynamic video case.

Little Monster – Take this Lollipop (Facebook)


How can you make the toughest-to-reach target market realize that there are serious consequences of revealing too much online? “Take This Lollipop” asks for access to your Facebook account in order to give you a personalized video featuring a crazy-eyed, dirty-fingered man going through your Facebook profile, photos, and location information in order to hunt you down. The concept lets the viewer truly immerse themselves in the story by becoming part of the story. If you look at the video, the scariest part is that your information is in the video. When you see your personal information in an environment where you normally wouldn’t, it creates a strong emotional response. No wonder that the video took the internet by storm.

EDF Luminus – My Luminus (Mail)


Personalized video is also extremely effective when used as an integrated part of your customer journey. EDF Luminus can confirm this. With the promise of a personalized video in the subject line of their mailing, the click-to-open ratio is 8.5 times higher than the benchmark. In the personalized video the customers energy consumption is compared to their consumption in the previous period and the consumption in their own city. This insight made that the percentage of viewers that keep watching the video is also a lot higher than with non-personalized videos, no less than 22% higher. And that while the video is relatively long. Some even watch the video several times. Way to go EDF Luminus, fight climate change and help your customers to save!

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