5 tips to make Video Marketing content that works

June 12, 2018

This article seeks to explain what video marketing content works. In other words, how to create videos that improve engagement, attract new visitors, and finally converts visitors into leads.

You should never adopt a video marketing strategy for the sake of making video part of your Digital content strategy, Videos ought to serve a clear-cut purpose. We’re going to share some of our tactics with you.

Start creating how-to videos

How-to videos don’t only deliver direct value to your audience but also help you to become a thought leader. Key to this approach is to create video content on a recurring basis that showcases your knowledge and some actionable points. Last but not least, the video should (Of course) be enjoyable to watch.

Try to focus on a niche or specific topic, creating various videos together with other content so that your audience starts to associate you with an expert for that niche or specific topic. Once you’re considered as a thought leader, your organic traffic share will grow due to social proof and accelerated credibility of the information shared by you.

A second use case of the how-to videos is product information. Explain to your audience how to get more out of the product you offer. What should they do to get better outcomes and thus maximize their ROI?
With this approach, customer satisfaction will increase, making retaining them more feasible. In the long run, they might become a fan and start promoting your brand. Overall, how-to videos enable customers to get the most out of your product, and thus results in happier customers.

Match the video type to your marketing funnel

Each stage of the funnel brings distinct challenges forth. These can be solved by providing information to customers that takes away doubts and answers their questions.

Take the top of the funnel. People in the awareness stage are looking for information and/or advice. Educational videos can be of great help as they have the power to provide customers with valuable insights.

Instructional videos suit the middle of the funnel, customers understand now what they need to solve their problem. They are open to receive an in-depth guide that seeks to actually solve their problem. Don’t forget to make the video actionable by adding a clear call to action.

The bottom of the funnel demands a last push through the finish. Many brands do this by using Cialdini’s principles (showcasing social proof, numbers, etc.). We recommend you to use video. Make a short demo in which you include some of the ROI-driven benefits of your product, the ease of using your product, and testimonials of happy clients.

Optimize your content for various social media channels

It’s no secret that Facebook’s algorithms prefer different videos as compared to Twitter and Instagram. Therefore, it’s strongly recommended to distribute distinct content per channel.

Use native videos rather than linked ones. Not only do these appear in the gallery of your page, but more importantly, only native videos can make use of the autoplay feature in the viewer’s feed.

Similar to Facebook, Twitter not only prefers native videos but it also activates the autoplay feature exclusively for native video uploads. This results in increased engagement: 2.5X replies, 2.8X retweets, and 1.9X favourite.

Marketeers consider Instagram as a powerful channel. To make the most of it, keep in mind that the platform requires a creative touch to your video marketing content, Also timing is crucial. You can use Instagram’s business analytics to understand when your follower base is active, and thus communicate with them at those hours.

Another plus of Instagram is the option to use Stories. Keep them short and meaningful. Show your audience what your brand stands for and establish a beneficial organizational culture. High engagement will be the result of this.

Youtube is THE channel for how-to videos. Key to high engagement is optimization of the video’s title and keywords. Also, don’t forget to add an extensive meta description and various tags.

Adapt video length to the distribution channel

Although most people consider video to be their favourite type of content, it doesn’t mean that everyone is willing to watch long videos. In fact, research conducted by Hubspot tells us that the optimal length of a video depends heavily on the channel you use for its distribution.

Instagram: 30 seconds.
Twitter: 45 seconds.
Facebook: 1 minute.
YouTube: 2 minutes.

Create videos that are understandable when watched while muted.

Video content is on the rise, all marketers agree upon that. What some of them seem to forget is that most people watch videos without the sound being on. Digiday mentions that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without the sound on. On YouTube, the number of videos that are being watched on mute equals a staggering 96%.
The learning that should be taken from this is very simple: Make sure your video marketing content is still adding value when watched without sound. How to do this?
– Add text to the video (overlays, subtitles or captions), making sure that your core message is displayed on the screen.
– Aim attention to the visuals and make them engaging. Be aware that most of the videos are displayed on a small mobile screen.
– Optimize the thumbnails.

In short

Key to making effective video marketing content is a combination of providing your audience with valuable information as well as distributing it in the suitable form and via the right channel.

Use a customer-driven approach to deliver relevant content, and thus help your audience by fulfilling their needs and tackling severe challenges. Provide how-to videos and match your video content to the funnel stage they are in. These approaches will help you create the most relevant content for your public.

Understanding via which social channel(s) you can best reach them, will help you create better video content. In fact, optimize your videos per channel and adapt the length of videos and be aware of muted videos to make your content as accessible as possible.

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