A beginner’s guide to Micro Video Content

June 20, 2018

Video Marketing becomes increasingly important for leading marketeers, and thus accounts for an incremental share of a brand’s content strategy. This will come as no surprise for you as everyday articles are published that describe the effectiveness of video content due to facts such as higher engagement, better conversion rates, and finally, a higher ROI. However, creating high-quality videos is not an easy task, hence the rise of so-called Micro Video Content.

What is Micro Video Content?

Whether Micro Video Content is defined as a short video ( ≲15 seconds) or a short version of an existing (long) video, the purpose of it is to get the attention of your audience. Although the ideal length of a video differs per social media channel, there is a negative correlation between video length and average engagement (see graph below).

The above graph indicates the potential of Micro Video Content. By making your video marketing content shorter, the probability of a user watching the entire video increases significantly. The result of engagement, you ask? The answer: an increase in ROI. Making short videos are not only cost-effective to create, but also more engaging for the viewers. Due to the limited duration, brands are encouraged to tell only one compelling message/story and attach a clear call to action. From a customer’s perspective, it requires less of a time investment to watch the entire video.

In other words, Micro Video Content benefits both parties.

Scrolling through social media timelines, shows an indication of the number of brands that have already adopted the fashion of Micro Video Content. Hubspot pointed out some of the brands that nail their Video Marketing via Instagram.

6 steps that help you creating Micro Video Content

Choose a goal

Before creating content, it’s recommended to determine the goal of your video. A customer loyalty video serves a distinct goal as compared to a lead generation video. Understanding your objective prior to making content, helps you to deliver an unambiguous message.

Make sure to explain the why behind the video and to make your goal smart.

The image below shows four general Micro Video categories.

StoryTEQ, Dynamic Video Marketing

Select a video type

Depending on your budget and the time you have to execute, you can choose the video that suits your company’s preferences best (animation, gif, etc.). In practice, video type often depends on the campaign objective and the audience that you serve it to, e.g. happy onboarding requires a more human touch whereas a product video calls for a technical video.

Make a script

Video experts always point out the importance of a having a script before creating the video. A good script includes a problem/story, some valuable information (solution and its benefits) and concludes with a powerful CTA.

Produce the video

Now to the fun part: time to actually create the video. The first decision is whether it’s best to make the video yourself or use a platform such as Fiverr to outsource the production. If you decide to record the video yourself, don’t forget to bring equipment that does the job. Especially the significance of good audio gear is too often neglected, which can lead to an overall bad experience to your video, bare in mind, audio is really important

Go all out on the editing

After producing the video, it’s finally time to bring everything together. How? By editing all material. Make sure you optimize the video per distribution channel and deliver a high-quality video that is enjoyable to watch.

Start implementing your distribution strategy

Promote, promote, promote! Don’t forget to promote your content. After making a substantial investment into producing your Micro Video Content, don’t hesitate to boost it. Consider applying a paid distribution channel to reach beyond your own audience.

6 things that we love about Micro Video Content

Micro Video Content is mobile-friendly

More and more videos are being watched from mobile devices (see graph below). Additionally, 48% of Millenials view video solely on their mobile devices. Needless to say that it’s crucial to create mobile-friendly content.

StoryTEQ, Dynamic Video Marketing

It’s extremely shareable

Micro Videos are more often shared than generic videos. Shares are not only important to generate traffic but also for your website’s SEO ranking.

It can boost your SEO ranking

Micro Video Content boosts your SEO ranking. Search engines will rank you higher in SERPs and viewers are more likely to share videos, check out this article if you want to learn how you can best optimize your video marketing content for SEO.

Micro Video Content is ideal for social media’s autoplay function

Micro Videos deliver their core message within the first seconds. The autoplay function ensures that viewers see the first second(s) and thus help marketeers to deliver the videos’ core message to social media users.

Micro Videos fully utilize the concept of content repurposing  

Transforming existing content into short and effective videos is a marketeers’ dream: low effort, high effect → ROI improvement.   

Micro Videos take into account the Cognitive Load Theory

Cognitive Load Theory seeks to explain the correlation between processing new information and the brain’s’ ability to memorize it. An effective video marketing strategy requires videos with limited amount of information to maximize the brain’s ability to process the provided information. Micro Video Content delivers this.


Video Marketing is crucial for a brand’s online success, understanding the potential of Micro Video Content gives marketeers an additional option in their mission to effectively deploy a Video Marketing Strategy.

Micro Video Content can be a solution for 2018’s digital environment in which an overload of information is available and, short videos have the power to reach existing and new audiences, generate traffic, increase engagement, and thus improve ROI.

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