London office for StoryTEQ!

January 15, 2018

From now on you can find StoryTEQ in the centre of video marketing ad-tech & mad-tech: London!
Since March 2017 we have opened an office in Unruly’s Hive in White Chapel.

The White Chapel Building 15 Whitechapel High Street London E1 8QS United Kingdom

We support video marketers to be digital while staying human.
We are StoryTEQ.

Our software allows companies to adapt online video to all, at that moment available data (contextual and personalized), to make it as relevant as possible and thereby increase engagement and boost conversion.

With the use of video in open web journeys, our software makes it possible to adapt videos based on contextual on the ‘open-web’. Think about video advertising like pre-rolls, in-article and in-feed video ads on the open web.

Wondering how our software can boost your video marketing conversion? Contact us!

Unruly case: Age UK

Age UK aims for optimal care for elderly in Great Britain. Eldery especially feel lonely during the
Christmas period. To address this problem, Age UK along with Unruly (a programmatic advertising agency) developed a video marketing campaign concerning loneliness, with a clear CTA: Donate now!

With the use of dynamic video ads, StoryTEQ managed to turn the original commercial into a personalized and relevant commercial by using the
location of the viewer.

Our software makes it possible to adapt videos based on contextual data on the open web. The intro of the dynamic video was personalized by county: the number of lonely elderly in the county of the viewer was automatically shown in the commercial. This way we could serve personalized
and relevant information based on contextual data.

Visit us
Unruly Hive @ The White Chapel Building
10 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 8DX
United Kingdom

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