Personalized video: A powerful tool for Customer Experience Management

January 17, 2018

How do you create the optimal Customer Experience? Personalized video has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing Customer Satisfaction while achieving profitable growth.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management has never been so important. Conceiving, developing, maintaining and optimizing a two sided, long term, relationship with your customer is quickly becoming a critical factor in building a successful company. A happy customer has a direct effect on your goals and the overall performance of your business.

Research performed by Watermark Consulting shows that Customer Experience leaders (brands with the happiest customers) outperform their direct competitors in their field. Companies with a high customer satisfaction rate are also the most valued companies on the stock exchange. You could say mind-share is turning into market-share. It’s therefore not surprising that more and more companies start talking about return on happiness instead of return on investment. In short: a happy customer = a healthy company.

Customer Experience leaders

Watermark defines Customer Experience Leaders and Laggards as the top ten and bottom ten rated public companies in Forrester Research’s 2007-2013 Customer Experience Index studies. The comparison is based on the performance of equally-weighted, annually readjusted stock portfolios of CX-leaders and CX-laggards relative to the S&P 500 Index.

How to achieve that happy customer

Forrester Research allocates the generated extra worth to three effects resulting from a better customer experience:

    1. Higher brand loyalty and customer retention
    2. Extra purchases
    3. More frequent recommendations


    But how do you achieve those results? How do you create the optimal Customer Experience and make your customers more than ‘just satisfied’ and actually thrilled with your brand? By searching for ways to increase customer experience and results on a daily basis. In a way, you could define Customer Experience Management as finding the balance between what customers truly find important and what your company needs to realize for healthy and profitable growth. Creating happy customers through cool experiences is great, but achieving that while branding your company is even better. The experiences you provide should create a strong bond with your brand.

happy customer

Personalized Video

A powerful way to achieve these results is through the use of Personalized VideoPersonalized video is an easily achievable method to optimize your customer experience. By being personal and relevant at important touch-points in your customer journey, customers feel a lot more appreciated and special, creating better and stronger bonds with your brand.

With personalized video you adapt video content to the needs and interests of the viewer. It’s extremely effective when used as an integrated part of your customer journey and digital marketing strategy; serving personalized video at critical moments using information that the journey generates. This way you use data to intensify your relationship. Using actual data you received directly or indirectly from your customer ensures the video, of moment of contact, is completely tailor made for that individual. The message is always relevant and is brought through a modern and exciting channel.

Results are great across the board. Whether you want to significantly increases the amount of views of a video, lower drop-off rates or increase open-rates, click-through rates and conversion, Personalized Video may just be able to help you achieve your video marketing goals.

StoryTEQ helps you define key touch-points within your customer journey and act accordingly to maximize value. Are you ready for the next step?

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