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January 17, 2018

Which company wouldn’t dream of it? An optimal customer journey in which future customers travel in no time from the awareness phase to the loyalty phase. That’s easier said than done. In this current digital age, we have all been subject to a massive information overload. Fortunately, we also know more and more about our receivers. The available data allows us to reach people more efficiently and thus help them through the journey more efficiently. In this article I describe tools, specifically personalized video, that will help you with this challenge. In addition, I give tips on how you can start with personalized video today.

Today, digital marketing teams have a huge variety of tools and tactics at their disposal to reach a growing audience, more precisely, and more frequently—all with the goal of winning more customers. But what tool or tactic really works? One of the tools that is able to change the customer experience is video. This is supported by the fact that 79% of consumers indicate that they would rather see a video to get to know a product. Video is also 4x more effective in engaging people than static content such as text. This gives companies the opportunity to optimize interaction with the customer at different points within the customer journey. A brilliant example of using video in the customer journey is Coolblue’s “thank you” video (please note, the video is in Dutch). After a purchase, the video is sent to customers via email. The video manages to engage customers in a humorous way and informs them about the service they provide. Say yourself, you’ll definitely come back for that!


It is quite natural that after so many positive figures, marketers also understand the importance of video. The figures confirm this, 76% of marketers plan to add video to their digital marketing strategy. Video has the power to reach and touch people, but as an organization you also want to encourage customers to take action. The next step in customer experience is making content more relevant and personal. Personalization is therefore seen by one third of marketers as the most important marketing tool of the future. Combine this with the results of video and you have a golden combination: personalized video!

What is Personalized Video?

With personalized video, personal information from the viewer is inserted in the video or the video is adjusted based on available data about the viewer. This varies from minor adjustments such as adding names, addresses or a last purchase, to adjusting entire scenes based on the interests and needs of the customer. These different variants of the video are then matched with the correct viewer. The possibilities exceed simply adding a name in a video! The key word is relevance, because if you are relevant, customers are triggered by the personal information they receive about themselves and then see a personalized video that fits all their interests. In this way, consumers feel valued and special, resulting in a stronger and better relationship with your brand. Our results confirm the positive influence of personalized video. Whether it’s reaching millions of people in a viral way, boosting opens and click-through ratios by 130% to 190%, or reducing costs per click by 45%. A good example of a personalized video with incredible results is the video from Zalando in collaboration with creative agency Kemmler Kemmler, they even won an Effie award! See the impressive case study video with results below:


You can of course use personalized video for a one-time awareness campaign, as in the example above, but it is also extremely effective when used as an integrated part of your customer journey. The customer information obtained during its journey can be in personalized video and deployed at critical moments of this journey. This way, the customer receives a message, that is tailored to their needs, at the right time. The message is always relevant and is brought in a modern way. In addition, there is the possibility to distribute it via any available online channel.

How does Personalized Video help achieve my goals? This is how you get started!

Meanwhile, you’re obviously super excited to start. The good news: you can start today! In the next paragraph I explain how you can get started in a few simple steps. Complex? No! But you have to meet a few conditions to be able to create a successful personalized video business case. Are you continuously optimizing your communication towards your target group? Are you looking for effective and innovative ways to reach the customer more efficiently within the customer contact moments? Do you have your basics in order, such as an equipped email marketing system? It’s a match!

STEP 1. Collect Data


To personalize a video you need data from your customers. It is therefore important that you have access to the data and know where it comes from. There are several data sources that you can use to retrieve data for your videos. These are CRM, DMP, CMS and Open source. It doesn’t ring a bell? Stop reading, you have some work to do. A nice bonus; a lot of systems already have an integration with personalized video software.


STEP 2. Define Points of Improvement within your Customer Journey

You can use personalized video at different points in your customer journey. Think, for example, of customers onboarding or reducing dropped basket. But in order to get the right message, at the right time, in the right form to the right person, it is important that you understand the context of the customer. That’s why it is important that you have mapped the customer journey, in order to subsequently examine where the points for improvement lie.
Here you ask yourself the question: when can personalization make the message even more relevant and powerful? These improvement points are moments within the customer journey where you can increase conversion, reduce costs or optimize the personal customer experience.
A moment where you can increase conversion? For example, a large airline company has a lot of logged-in customers who place a flight in their shopping basket, but then do not complete the booking. This airline can send these customers a simple reminder by mail, but by adding a personalized video with relevant ticket data, they give customers that extra push to complete their booking. After determining points for improvement, you can define KPIs within your customer journey based on this.
Facebook video aspect ratio

STEP 3. Creating a Peronalized Video

In addition to sending the right message at the right time, having high quality video marketing content is important to ensure successful use of personalized video. Personalized video does not work without it! Please note, qualitative content does not always have to be expensive. So, create concepts and content that touch and move customers and give them the experience they deserve.
This can be done with existing content, by adding personalization to it. But the possibilities are endless if personalization is immediately included in the concept of the video. So, work with creative partners, let them think about the coolest ideas and concepts and make sure your video marketing content is great.
When creating video content, the chosen channel must also be taken into account. Think about a distribution plan. You as a marketer understand better than anyone that every phase of the customer journey has a different purpose and requires a specific communication moment. In the persuasion phase, for example, you want to be able to communicate directly via WhatsApp to answer questions, and in the purchase phase you want to send another offer via CRM to let customers take the final step. In short, determining the right channel is an important part of the distribution plan. Another part of the plan is to create the right technical elements that belong to the chosen channel (for example an app or a landing page).
How can you personalize the content? Work together with a company that has the tools and expertise to realize your cool personalized concept together with you. We have this expertise along with the tools and are happy to help!

STEP 4. The Result

Now you have collected data, set clear objectives and KPIs for your customer journey, and have made all the elements to ensure the use of personalized video in your journey is successful: it’s time to go live! But what does such an end result look like? I will show you two examples.
The first case study is an example of an implementation of personalized video in the service / customer retention phase. The Belgian energy supplier EDF Luminus wants to provide their customers with more insight into their energy consumption and motivate and help them to save! A concept has been developed where customers receive a video with a personalized message via the mail. In this video the customers energy consumption is compared to their consumption in the previous period and the consumption in their place of residence.All this to ensure that customers log in to the “My Luminus” environment, where they gain more insight into their energy consumption and receive personalized advice to reduce their energy consumption up to 30%. Watch the (Dutch) video here:


The first results exceed expectations. With the promise of a personalized video in the subject line of the mail, the click-to-open ratio is 8.5 times higher than the benchmark. In addition, the percentage of viewers that keep watching the personalized video is also a lot higher than with non-personalized videos, no less than 22% higher. And that while the video is relatively long. Some even watch the video several times!
The second case study revolves around the annual running competition of Nike, “We Run Paris”. At the end of the game, the runners received a video personalized by name, photo, running speed and the achieved goal, depending on the information they had offered. The customer journey of the runner was extended to the online environment of Nike, so the experience of the participants did not stop after the run in Paris, but continued online. At the same time, on the basis of the data obtained, Nike can provide users with relevant content in the rest of the customer journey. The runners were super enthusiastic, this year 12.756 of the 12.836 runners created a personalized video. Below the case video!

STEP 5. Measure!

Are you already thinking about how you will use personalized video? Then there is one more step that you need to take. We are living in a world which is changing rapidly. It is therefore important to measure everything you do to determine whether your case has been successful. Based on your goals determine the key metrics and improve. This could be based on the fact that you want to reach, touch, and move customers. Only if these three conditions are met is engagement and conversion possible. Based on these three conditions, we have drawn up the following KPIs that you could use:

So if you notice, for example, that the viewer does not linger to view that intro of 10 seconds, you can cut it out and get to the point immediately.

What are you waiting for?

The consumer is ready for personal contact, the customer data is at hand and the personalized video technique is there! Now the question remains: Are you ready to optimize your customer journey with personalized video? Do not start tomorrow, but start today.
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