Personalized video by Samsung Mobile is yet another hit on Facebook

January 17, 2018

Earlier this year the valentines dynamic video launched by the leading mobile phone company skyrocketed and managed to attract 67 million viewers within three days. Samsung Mobile strikes again with its latest personalized video. At the end of April a brand new phone was introduced with the unique ‘infinity display’ (a screen without edges). The ‘Unbox Your Phone’ video marketing campaign, conceptualized to launch the Samsung Galaxy 8, was translated into ‘Unbox Your Life’ in their most recent dynamic video. The concept and realization of the video originates from Boomerang Agency, and we are responsible for the dynamic video’s technical realization.

This time actors Jan Kooijman and Katja Schuurman take the stage for the Facebook video. After the user gives permission to use his or her details, the app creates a personalized video in which he or she is the protagonist.

Reenacting so many versions of the same scene was a new experience for the actors. Due to the countless possible combinations of men, women, ages, initials and preferences, the variations on this dynamic video are endless. Featured alongside Katja Schuurman and Jan Kooijman in this dynamic video are the admirable singers Wudstik and Dries Roelvink.

The unexpected success of the Valentines dynamic video ‘Valentine: It’s a Match’ in February resulted in a ‘all hands on deck’ moment for us. StoryTEQ: “The previous Samsung Mobile campaign exceeded all of our expectations. We have managed to adjust our technical skills based on the learnings we gathered from making the first video. We’ll surpass the viewers expectations yet again with this unique experience.”


Client: Samsung Nederland
Responsible at client: Marius Klijzing, Roos Bulder, Steffany Sprong – van der Hout
Concepting: Eldin Fetahovic, Marco van Houwelingen, Joren Schröder
Strategy: Michiel Wolters
Art Direction: Joren Schröder
UX design: Justin van Suchtelen van de Haare
Director: Eldin Fetahovic, Marco van Houwelingen
Executive producer: Fikret Fetahovic
Camera: Bart Hol
Gaffer: Paul Roelofse
Styling: Desiree Brands & Jazz Kuijpers
Producers: Thom Specht, Yanna Panagopoulos
Editors: Jasper Timmermans, Pim van Kempen, Shebanjah Klaasen
Sound Post: Soundsright
Technical realisation: StoryTEQ – the dynamic video marketing platform
Account Manager: Milo Duyff

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