StoryMail becomes StoryTEQ.

January 15, 2018


Starting 1 May 2017 StoryMail will continue work under the name StoryTEQ. This change has come forth from the rapid development within the organization and what it offers to the market.

Founder Ab Talmon: “We have a wonderful portfolio with powerful brands. Over the past period we’ve developed more services, through which “mail” does not do justice to all possible distribution forms for personalized videos. TEQ refers to our software platform with which we help our clients make personalized videos easily and spread them through online channels rapidly. Additionally, the name also contains EQ, the term which seamlessly connects to our motto: Go Digital, Stay Human!”.

Our Journey

In 2004 experimenting with personalized video began. This translated itself into StoryMail through which personalized videos were distributed mainly through email. As of 2017, the distribution possibilities have increased drastically and the StoryMail platform can make successful use of this. Our mission has remained the same since that time: make all online videos as relevant and personal as possible.

StoryMail has since grown from a personalized video advertising company, with establishments in the Netherlands and England. Every day they work for many clients, producing successful personalized video applications ranging from social campaigns, integrated solutions within customer journeys or programmatic advertising applications. From today StoryMail will go on as StoryTEQ with the same mission: make all online videos as personal and relevant as possible.

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