Valentines promotion Samsung goes viral with over 94 million views

January 17, 2018
  • Valentines dynamic video promotion picks up on popularity dating-apps
  • User is the star through technique used by StoryTEQ
  • 295.394 unique videos made, 67 million views, 5 million likes and 2 million comments after only 3 days. After one week even 94,7 million views!

It’s a viral

Schiphol, 10 February 2017 – Samsung’s Valentines dynamic video marketing campaign has grown into a huge success almost immediately after launch. In dynamic videos with a short dating/love story you play the main part, completely with your own pictures and interests. Within the first 72 hours more than 395.394 users made their own personalized video, while the videos were viewed over 67 million times and liked almost 5 million times.

In the dynamic video, Samsung plays on popular dating apps and their popularity. Almost daily we check profiles in dating apps and discuss those with our friends. This is exactly what happens in the Valentines dynamic video promotion, in which you are the main character. The personalization in the videos are based on your Facebook profile. This is where the app gets your pictures, relationship status, age, interests and place of residence which are then discussed by three handsome men or women. Just like real life, but with the only difference being you are able to watch along.

The concept was developed by Boomerang Create and Motion and commissioned by Samsung, Boomerang Create and Motion also produced these dynamic videos. The technical realization was provided by StoryTEQ – The Dynamic Video Marketing Platform.


“We had a media budget set aside to promote the dynamic video marketing campaign on Facebook. However, the campaign has gone entirely viral, completely organically. This is truly unique and is beyond our wildest dreams.”
Marius Klijzing (Product Manager Mobile Samsung the Netherlands)

“Samsung breaks barriers and brings people closer together. Millennials are developing themselves and are doing their own thing. But they are sensitive and curious about what other people think of them. That’s why we went looking for a way to break through this in a dynamic video format. Eventually we decided on a personalized video. Based on the possibilities for personalization we wrote the script. This way we knew exactly which data we could personalize and above all, what would be interesting for the viewer. The entire story checks out!”
Eldin Fetahovic (Boomerang Motion)

For more information about the case and the final results, click here.

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