Marketing Manager


What is required?
  • # You know all the relevant online tools and have a strong opinion about them
  • # You have at least basic knowledge of all channels relevant for the marketing of SaaS products
  • # Like cultivating a network of (potential) partners
  • # Understand content marketing and like setting this up
  • # 3 years’ experience in a similar position
What do you get?
  • # €3.200 - €4.500 gross p/m
  • # 40-hour work week
  • # 25 holiday days
  • # No work in the weekend
  • # Opportunity to market a fast growing SaaS product


We are Storyteq. We help brands be more relevant and cost effective with video.

We do this through our state of the art dynamic video platform, which uses data to adapt video's and optimizes results. Instead of serving one video to everyone… we can serve a unique video for every unique individual or target audience. We call this dynamic video.

Together we are on a mission to make all online videos as personal and relevant as possible. To spread our vision, we're looking for a high skilled marketing manager that will help us achieve world wide fame.

You'll work with a growth hacker and a content intern to create the best possible marketing strategy and execution for Storyteq, taking pride in bringing in in bound leads and potential partners.

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What do you do?

Market research 10%

Marketing meetings 10%

Marketing strategy 25%

Execution 35%

Workflow management 10%

Other stuff 10%

You can apply for this specific opening here


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