Project / Account


What is required?
  • # Can quickly make decisions
  • # Socially amazing
  • # Thinks in solutions rather than problems
  • # Affinity with technique and/or video
  • # 2 years’ experience in a similar position
What do you get?
  • # €2.500 - €3.400 gross p/m
  • # 32/40-hour work week
  • # 25 holiday days
  • # No work in the weekend
  • # Ability to grow and learn


We are Storyteq. We help brands with making video's based on data.

We do this through our state of the art dynamic video platform, which uses data to automatically adapt video and optimizes results. So, instead of serving one video to everyone… we can serve a unique video for every unique individual or target audience. We call this dynamic video.

Together we are on a mission to make all online videos as personal and relevant as possible. We need you, a social and organized project manager to help delivering projects and our service for clients.

In this role, you'll be both a project manager and an account manager.

As a project manager, you take-over new clients from sales and make sure they go through a smooth process of on-boarding. From capacity planning internally to stake-holder management externally.

On the other hand, you work together with the Account Manager where you'll proactively make plans (and then work them out) to keep our clients happy and make sure they stay with us. For instance, by thinking of new projects that can further help our clients, ways to optimize existing projects and - overall - ways to give our clients the (personal) attention they deserve.

You balance between internal agenda's and capacity and the client's needs and demands. Organization and structure are key. You handle 10 clients at the same time while still being available for existing clients to help them out with questions and needs.

What do you do?

Talking to clients 20%

Making tasks 20%

Internal kick-offs 10%

Making plans/working on accounts 20%

Solving problems 20%

Other stuff 10%


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