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Personalized customer journeys

We help you to reach, touch and move your clients with powerful personal video solutions throughout the customer journey. From happy onboarding, to fully integrated personal video within your e-commerce platform . Check out how we can help you to reach your goals!

Personal fingerprintCustomer journey meets personalization

We are specialist creating a personalized brand experience by adding personal video to your customer journey on the moments it matters the most.

We advice on where personal video can add value within your customer journey and deliver integrated personal video solutions. We have a strong focus on getting your message delivered in a personal and engaging way to make sure customers take the next step within their journey.

Our platform allows our clients to personalize video’s on multiple data sources and distribute the video’s directly from their current email and marketing software into their customer journey. Some of our integration partners:

  • Marketing

    • Salesforce
    • Autopilot
    • Sitecore
    • Blueconic
  • EMAIL/

    • Selligent
    • Clang
    • Copernica
    • Mailplus

We’ve done successful cases for many different goals:

Awareness Creation– Branding – Happy onboarding – Cross-/upsell – Brand loyalty – lead generation – lead nurturing – Customer retention – Win back – Dropped basket– Customer evangalism

Personal fingerprintConversion by engagement

The goal of adding personalized video to your customer journey is to increase the total customer lifetime value. We focus on continuously increase conversion by tailoring your brand experience for every unique client, on one or multiple touchpoints within their journey.

Personal fingerprintFirst we test, then we integrate

We often pilot our solutions first before we fully integrate with your environment. During the pilot we select multiple touchpoints within your customer journey and determine when and where personal video can add the most value. We love to create strong business cases for you and your clients.


Personal fingerprintCustomer journey expertise

The success of personal video is never the result of one single action. It’s about finding and understanding the possible pains and gains within your customer journey and knowing how to tackle them.

We love to deep dive into your customer journey and look for ways to make it better, faster, richer and more personal by adding video. Over the past years, we done dozens of customer journey sessions to show the power of personal video within customer journeys for our clients.

Personal fingerprintTechnology

We love technology, yet believe in the power of human interaction. We live by our motto ‘go digital, stay human’. Our software is state-of-the art and trusted by the biggest brands. We understand we work with data and respect privacy.

We can service you in running small campaigns or go wild and create millions of unique personal video’s on the fly. We have integrations with most marketing automation platforms and probably your email software as well. As of this to make the use of personal video as simple and effective as possible.

Personal fingerprintCase study – Vichy’s tell-a-friend journey

“You as my friend obviously uses Vichy! If not, you should, great products!”
“You just let me be who I am!”
“Not only me, but everyone shines with Vichy.”

– Comments from participants who shared personal video

In May, Vichy launched their new branding commercial. The commercial created engagement and awareness, but was completely independent. StoryTEQ has enriched the commercial by creating a short customer journey around it. A teaser trailer of the commercial was sent to loyal Vichy customers, the B2C-database, with a call to watch the commercial. A day after the tv-premiere of the commercial, the B2C-database received a personal video containing a contest. The personal video contained the customer’s name, gender, years of Vichy loyalty and the most recently bought product. In the video content we focused on the different parallels between the vision and products of Vichy on the one hand, and the meaning of friendship on the other hand. That paved the way with #youmakemestronger for a tell-a-friend campaign with a contest to win prizes worth €1500,-. Consumers could tell their loved ones why they make them stronger through a personal video. During this campaign, the database was checked and/or enriched.

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