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Case study: Global FMCG streamlines its creative production workflow thanks to creative automation

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About Perfetti Van Melle

The Perfetti Van Melle Group is a global confectionery and gum manufacturer specifically known for their Chupa Chups and Mentos brands. The company produces and distributes candy and chewing gum in more than 150 countries!

This means that the company’s advertising activities have to be tailored to all countries in order to craft a message adapted to each audience. This results in reiterating the same base video creative over and over again and, each time, creating new variants, including different products, languages, CTAs, and more.

The challenge

Perfetti Van Melle is a decentralized organization whose local branches had full ownership of all advertising activities. This means HQ had little control over each branch’s creative freedom, thus leaving the door open to occasional issues.
Through its partnership with Storyteq, Perfetti aimed at:
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all regions
  • Lowering creative production costs
  • Increasing time to market for all their ads
  • Pushing the assets directly to their social media platforms
  • Streamlining workflows 
Storyteq Platform showing templates for Perfetti
Storyteq cloud-based platform enables brands to design creatives from once central point

The solution

Storyteq’s platform enables Perfetti to design creatives from one central point before transforming them into templates within the platform. Local branches can then simply log into the platform to adapt the templates based on their needs in a matter of minutes.


Perfetti can choose which elements of the creative will be altered, whether manually or through data triggers. This means that all elements, ranging from CTAs to scenes, or sounds, can be dynamically changed before rendering out different ad versions in batches, straight from Storyteq’s cloud.
With Storyteq, we can not only share templated creatives that our local branches use for quick adaptation, but also “lock” some template elements that we believe should be left untouched in order to maintain the brand consistency that we are after.
Daan Simons, Global Media & Digital Marketing Director, Perfetti
Daan Simonis
Global Media & Digital Marketing Director, Perfetti

The benefits

Automating the versioning process allows Perfetti to achieve the following: 

  • Ensuring and controlling brand consistency
  • Rendering out all their creative ad versions in batches
  • Lowering production cost and time
  • Pushing the assets directly to their publishing platform, ad channels, DAMs, and more
  • Benefiting from lighter workflows, including a streamlined review system 

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