Personal video campaigns

Want to engage with your users in a truly unique and personal way? Together with your creative (content) partners, we can create amazing personal video campaigns from scratch; achieving mind blowing results and making impressions that last.

What our platform can do for you:

  • Create awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Improve brand engagement

We do this by working closely with your content producer of choice, giving them amazing possibilities to create amazing content that engages like never before, and subsequently build the technical infrastructure to generate results.

We can do this by using data from:

  • User generated
  • Facebook
  • Contextual (e.g. weather)
  • Your / open data sources

We make sure video’s are served (near) real-time to channels that allow users to interact and share your content to generate a snow-ball effect. We often use a landings page together with native share functionality in Facebook and Whatsapp

Examples of solutions

Our road to success:


Create a unique concept together with you and a creative company


Creative company produces video content (adhering to your guidelines)


We create the technical infrastructure to collect data, generate unique video’s and serve those video’s to chosen channels


Launch the campaign and see the results bloom


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0 milion
Conversion to subscribers on landings
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